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Public Hologram Views

Public hologram views were added in ScrollingMenuSign v3.0.0, and allow menus to be displayed as holograms, using the powerful plugin; the HoloAPI plugin must be installed for hologram views to work.

Unlike private hologram views, public hologram views are tied to a specific location in the world, and are displayed to all players. Public hologram views are globally scrollable; if one player scrolls a public hologram, all players see the change.

Example of a mob spawner menu displayed on a public hologram view


To do anything with public hologram views, you must have the scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pub permission node in addition to any other nodes needed for menu/view manipulation. E.g. to add (/sms sync) a sign to an existing menu, you'll need scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pub and scrollingmenusign.commands.sync. By default, all users have scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pub.

Creating a Public Hologram View

To create a public hologram view:

/sms sync <menu-name> -holopub

You will be prompted to click a block; left-click any block to define the block as the hologram's anchor block, or right-click anywhere to cancel view creation.

Once the view is created a text hologram will appear just above the anchor block, displaying up to four lines of text (depending on how many entries the menu currently has). You can adjust the positioning and size (number of displayed items) with the direction, offset and lines attributes (see Attributes below).

Using a Public Hologram View

Interaction with a public hologram view is similar to other views, e.g. the sign view. By default, the view can be scrolled with the right mouse button (or shift+scroll wheel) and the selected item can be executed with the left mouse button.

Removing a Public Hologram View

To delete a public hologram view:

/sms break <view-name>

Redstone Response

Public hologram views can be configured to react to a redstone signal applied to the anchor block. By default, any redstone signal is ignored, but it is possible to configure the view to hide itself whenever a high (non-zero) or low (zero) redstone signal is detected on the anchor. To change the redstone behaviour, use the redstone view attribute:

/sms view <view-name> redstone HIGH
# or
/sms view <view-name> redstone LOW
# or
/sms view <view-name> redstone IGNORE
IGNOREThe view will always be visible
HIGHThe view will only be visible when the anchor block has a non-zero redstone signal
LOWThe view will only visibile when the anchor block has no redstone signal

Public hologram views can also be configured to emit a redstone signal depending on what is selected, similar to other globally scrollable views (such as sign views). See Redstone Output for more information.


See Usage/Managing Views for information on viewing and changing view attributes.

Public hologram views support the following attributes:

Attribute NameDescriptionDefault
accessAccess control for the view; one of ANY, OWNER, OWNER_GROUP or GROUPANY
directionOne of NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, UP, DOWN or SELF. This defines the direction from the anchor block where the hologram will be displayed (see also offset).UP
item_justifyJustification for the menu items in this view; one of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER or DEFAULT. A value of DEFAULT means to use the global item_justify configuration itemDEFAULT
linesThe number of lines of text to display in the hologram, including the menu title4
max_title_linesDefines the maximum number of lines the menu title is allowed to occupy on this view0 (meaning use global 'max_title_lines' config setting)
offsetA floating point value; this defines the distance in blocks from the anchor block where the hologram will be displayed (see also direction)1.0
ownerThe name of the owning player.Player who created the view
redstoneOne of IGNORE, HIGH or LOW. Defines how a redstone signal will control the display or hiding of the view.IGNORE
rsoutputmodeControls how any attached output levers are toggled - one of SELECTED, TOGGLE, PULSE, PULSEANY or RADIO. See Redstone OutputSELECTED
scroll_typeScrolling type for this view, one of SCROLL, PAGE or DEFAULT - see the scroll_type Configuration setting for detailsDEFAULT
title_justifyJustification for the menu title in this view; one of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER or DEFAULT. A value of DEFAULT means to use the global title_justify configuration itemDEFAULT


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