Command Overview


  • In the reference below, any text inside <angle brackets> should be substituted, any text inside [square brackets] is optional, and the "|" (vertical bar) symbol indicates a choice of possible inputs.
  • Wherever a <menu-name> or <view-name> is expected, you can use a dot "." if you are looking directly at a menu view (or holding a map for a map view, or a popup book for an inventory/spout view). The dot notation is a convenience for "the currently-targeted menu or view". E.g. /sms view . access owner will change the access rights on the view that you are currently looking at.
  • You can use tab-completion at any point during the typing of a command. E.g. /sms l<TAB> will auto-complete to /sms list, and /sms list a<TAB> will cycle through the existing menus whose name starts with 'a'.
  • If any item (menu name, view name, label, command...) has whitespace in it, you must surround it with quotes, e.g. /sms menu mymenu title "A New Title"
  • Every command has an associated permission node, which is scrollingmenusign.commands.<subcommand>, e.g. the /sms create command's permission node is scrollingmenusign.commands.create.


You want to...Command
Menu Management
Create a menu/sms create <menu-name> <title>
Delete a menu/sms delete <menu-name>
Undo an accidental menu deletion/sms undelete <menu-name>
List all menus/sms list
List the items in a menu/sms menu <menu-name>
List the attributes of a menu/sms menu <menu-name>
Change a menu's title/sms menu <menu-name> title <new-title>
Define a default command for a menu/sms menu <menu-name> defcmd <command>
Define usage limits for a menu/sms uses <menu-name> <usage-limit>|clear [-global]
Menu Item Management
Add an item to a menu/sms add <menu-name> <item-label> <command> [<options>]
Remove an item from a menu/sms remove <menu-name> <item-label>
Modify an existing menu item/sms edit <menu-name> <item-label>|@<item-index> <options>
Sort a menu's items/sms menu <menu-name> autosort <true|false>
Define usage limits for a menu item/sms uses <menu-name> <item-label> <usage-limit>|clear [-global]
View Management
List the views for a menu/sms list <menu-name>
Add a view to a menu/sms sync <menu-name> <options>
Remove a view from a menu/sms break <view-name>
View or modify a view attribute/sms view <view-name> <attribute-name> <new-value>
View or modify a view variable/sms view <view-name> $<variable-name> <new-value>
Get a map item for a map view/sms give map <menu-name|view-name> [<count>] [<player-name>]
Get a written book item for an inventory view/sms give book <menu-name|view-name> [<count>] [<player-name>]
Get a popup item for a inventory or private hologram view/sms give popup <menu-name|view-name> <material> [<count>] [<player-name>]
Macro Management
Add a macro/sms macro add <macro-name> [<macro-line>]
List the known macro names/sms macro list
List the lines in a macro/sms macro list <macro-name>
Remove a line from a macro/sms macro remove <macro-name> <index>
Access Control
Change the owner of a menu/sms menu <menu-name> owner <new-owner>
Change the access rights of a menu/sms menu <menu-name> access <ANY|OWNER|GROUP>
Change the owner of a view/sms view <view-name> owner <new-owner>
Change the access rights of a view/sms view <view-name> access <ANY|OWNER|GROUP>
User Variables
Set a variable/sms var [<player-name>.]<var-name> <value>
Show a variable/sms var [<player-name>.]<var-name>
List variables/sms var -l [<player-name>]
Delete a variable/sms var -d [<player-name>.]<var-name>
Increment a numeric variable/sms var -i [<player-name>.]<var-name> [<amount>]
View a configuration setting/sms getcfg <config-item>
Change a configuration setting/sms setcfg <config-item> <new-value>
Force plugin state to be saved to disk/sms save [<section>]
Force plugin state to be reloaded from disk/sms reload [<section>]


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