usage/Creating Menus

Creating Menus

There are two ways to create a menu:


To create a menu, type:

/sms create <menu-name> <title>

menu-name is any unique name to identify the menu. title is the menu title, and is always shown at the top of any views for the menu.

If you are looking at a sign when you do this, that sign becomes a sign view for the menu. The sign's appearance will change; the menu's title will be shown centred on the sign's first line, and the third line will look like ">" (this is the currently selected menu item - it's blank because the menu has no entries yet). See Usage / Adding Items for more information about adding items to your new menu.

Alternatively, if you're not looking at a sign, but holding a map in your hand when you do this, the map will become a map view for the menu. Maps can show more lines than a sign, and more text per line.

If you're not looking at a sign or holding a map, the menu is created with no views. You can always associate signs, maps, and other view types with the menu later with the /sms sync <menu-name> command; see Usage/Adding Views.


/sms create mymenu Time of Day

Menu titles can be coloured - use the '&X' notation to specify a colour. Example:

/sms create mymenu &4Time of Day

gives the sign a red title. See for a list of the numeric (hex) codes. Be aware that each colour code uses up two characters from a sign's 15 characters-per-line limit.

Sign Text

Alternatively, you can place a sign with the following text:

(4th line is ignored)

If the menu already exists, the sign will immediately become a view for that menu (and the <title> line will be ignored). If the menu does not exist, a new menu will be created, taking the menu name from line 2, and the menu title from line 3.

(Prior to v2.0.0, it was necessary to punch the sign once created).


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