usage/Removing Menu Items

To remove a menu item from an existing menu, type /sms remove <name> <label>. Example:

/sms remove mymenu Compass

removes the item labelled "Compass" from the menu.

You can also remove items by item index:

/sms remove mymenu @1

removes the first item in the menu. To find which index corresponds to which item, you can use /sms menu <name> - see Usage/Displaying Menu Information


  1. Tab completion works for menu items, e.g. /sms remove mymenu <TAB> will cycle through the list of items.
  2. The item label is case sensitive.
  3. If the item label contains colour codes, don't worry - you don't need to type those in.
  4. If the item label has a space in it, then put quotes around it, e.g. /sms remove mymenu "Go home".


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