usage/Saving and Loading

Forcing menu data & configuration to be saved

To force menu and configuration data to be written to disk immediately:

/sms save

You will not normally need to do this, since it's automatically done when a change is made (adding/deleting/modifying menus/views/macros etc.). Additionally, configuration data is saved whenever a change is made via "/sms setcfg".

The following data files (in plugins/ScrollingMenuSign) are used:

  • config.yml - stores plugin configuration data (see Usage/Configuration)
  • data/menus/*.yml - menu persistence data
  • data/views/*.yml - view persistence data*
  • data/macros/*.yml - macro persistence data

Reloading menu & configuration data

To force menu and configuration data to be reloaded:

/sms reload

This may be useful if you choose to edit the config.yml, commands.yml or data/menus/*.yml data files directly.


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