ScrollingMenuSignScrollingMenuSign lets players execute commands with a simple click on a scrollable sign, map, icon, hologram or Spout menu view. Players can scroll through menus by right-clicking, and execute commands by left-clicking (button bindings are configurable). Redstone views allow commands to be executed when a redstone signal (on/off/toggle) is received. Sign views can consist of multiple signs for larger menus, and can be configured to emit a redstone signal when scrolled or executed. The sophisticated command parser allows for command costs (economy, items, item durability, health, food, XP), permission elevation and basic flow control (conditional execution & macros), and even more powerful control is possible with external scripting languages (Javascript, Python...).


Latest video:

  • See the Videos page for full list of demonstration & tutorial videos.

Latest Version


  • Create scrollable command menus with one or more sign, map, multisign, inventory, hologram or spout views. Or trigger your menus with redstone signals or even from any held item.
  • Scroll through views with right-click, execute the selected command with left-click (configurable)
  • Sophisticated command parser/executor - permission elevation, command costs (items/durability/economy/food/health/xp), player/group/world restrictions, variable substitutions...
  • Commands can have warm-ups and cooldowns
  • Macros - run multiple commands or display large text blocks with one click
  • Build a hierarchy of menus using Submenus
  • Flexible Access Control gives you private menus and views, or limited to permission groups.
  • External scripting language support allowing unlimited flexibility in what menu commands can do
  • Sign & multisign views can produce Redstone Output when scrolled or executed
  • Redstone Control Signs allow remote scrolling & execution via redstone signals for sign & multisign views
  • Permissions support via Bukkit superperms
  • Command Logging lets you keep an audit trail of who's executed what commands from SMS menus
  • Multi-world support: menus can have views in any number of worlds
  • Full coloured/bold/italic/underline/strikethrough text support on menu titles, items and messages
  • Configure menus or menu items to have a limited number of uses, either per-player or globally
  • Comprehensive tab completion for all commands
  • Optional Spout support

Possible Applications

  • A menu of station setting commands for Minecart Mania (this is what inspired me to write the plugin in the first place!)
  • Newbie user guide menus
  • Warp menus for your favourite teleportation plugin
  • A basic shop menu - buy/sell/swap items & credits
  • Controlled access to commands that users can't normally run
  • Item reward menus with limited usage count
  • Traps built from redstone views and/or scripts
  • Super-convenient game mode (survival/creative) changer with map and/or spout views


Pretty simple:

  • Copy ScrollingMenuSign.jar into your server's bukkit/plugins folder
  • Optional: install Vault for economy command costs and/or permission group support.
  • Optional: install ProtocolLib to make active items glow.
  • Restart or reload your server.

That's it. ScrollingMenuSign will automatically create a folder called bukkit/plugins/ScrollingMenuSign when it first runs. All data related to the plugin is stored in here.



Development Versions

Development versions can be downloaded from this Jenkins build server. Notes:

  • Development versions have not been approved by staff
  • Development versions may be buggy or fail to work completely. Only use development versions if you a) want to help with finding bugs, or b) have been asked to, to test a bugfix.


Usage Statistics

Since SMS v1.3.0, fully anonymous usage statistics are collected using MCStats:

Usage Statistics

If you wish to opt out of MCStats metrics collection, edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and change opt-out: false to true.


If you use and enjoy ScrollingMenuSign, you are welcome to make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button at the top right. However, donations are strictly optional, and don't confer any special benefits over non-donors.


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