Redstone Control Signs

As of v1.3.0, you can create special control signs which refer to any existing sign or multi-sign view. These control signs check for redstone signals, and can scroll or execute their view when a signal arrives at a configurable side of the sign.

You must have the scrollingmenusign.create.redstonecontrol permission node (or be an Op) to create redstone control signs. This node is included as part of scrollingmenusign.admin.


Say you have a menu called "mymenu", and it has a sign view "mymenu-1" (you can get all the view names for any menu with /sms list <menu-name>). Then you can create a sign like:

RC sign creating

  • Line 1 of the sign must be "[smsred]"
  • Line 2 must contain the view name to be controlled
  • Lines 3 and 4 describe the controls. In this example, a redstone signal (off -> on) from the Left will scroll the "mymenu-1" view up, a signal from the Right will scroll the view down, and a signal from Behind will execute the currently selected menu item in the view. See below for a full description of the control specification.

Once placed, the sign will auto-activate, and if successful, will look like this:

RC sign created

If the "[smsred]" line has gone red, then activation was successful. You'll get a descriptive error message if there was any problem.

Now you can place levers, redstone wire etc. around the sign and try powering the left, right and back sides of the sign and see how your "mymenu-1" view is affected.

Control Specification

The control specification from the sign is always placed on lines 3 and/or 4. The spec. consists of a list of pairs of letters, separated by one or more spaces. The first letter of each pair describes the direction to check:

  • L - left
  • R - right
  • F - front
  • B - back
  • O - over
  • U - under

Note that the direction is relative to a player facing the front (text side) of the sign.

The second letter of each pair describes the action to take:

  • U - scroll up
  • D - scroll down
  • X - execute the currently selected item

The spec. is not case-sensitive - you can use any mixture of upper or lower-case letters.

Note: Any menu items executed will be executed as the console, since there's no reliable way of associating a redstone change with a player (there may not be a player involved at all). Therefore, you should only allow execution of commands which can be run from the console.


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