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Sign Views

Sign views are the original method of viewing and interacting with menus.

Example of a time of day menu displayed on a sign view


To do anything with sign views, you must have the scrollingmenusign.use.sign permission node in addition to any other nodes needed for menu/view manipulation. E.g. to add (/sms sync) a sign to an existing menu, you'll need scrollingmenusign.use.sign and scrollingmenusign.commands.sync. By default, all users have scrollingmenusign.use.sign.

Creating a Sign View

Place a sign in the world (can be a wall sign or a floor sign, either works fine). Then there are a few options:

  • Look at the sign, and type /sms create <menu-name> <menu-title> to add the sign as a view on a new menu (the autocreate_views Configuration item must be true for this to work)
  • Look at the sign, and type /sms sync <menu-name> to add the sign as a view on an existing menu
  • Hold a map which is a view in your hand and hit the sign with it. This will transfer the map's menu onto the sign. You will need the permission to do this, and the maps.transfer.to_sign Configuration item must be true.
  • If the sign's text looks like below, it will be auto-activated as a sign view:

To add a sign to an existing menu:

|[sms]           |
|<menu-name>     |
|(line 3 blank)  |
|(line 4 ignored)|

To add sign to a new menu (i.e. creating the menu at the same time):

|[sms]           |
|<menu-name>     |
|<menu-title>    |
|(line 4 ignored)|

Using a Sign View

By default, right-clicking the sign scrolls down, Shift + right-click scrolls up, and left-click executes the currently-selected item. Rolling the mouse button will also scroll the menu, and if you're holding Shift, your held item won' t be changed. This can all be changed in the Configuration.

If you have Spout enabled on the server and are using the Spoutcraft client, then key bindings can also be used - by default these are Cursor-down, Cursor-up and Return. Again, these are configurable.

Removing a Sign View

To detach a sign from a menu, there are two options:

  • While looking at the sign, type /sms break. The sign will no longer be a view on the menu, and will go blank.
  • Type /sms break -view <view-name>. You can list the view names for a menu by doing /sms list <menu-name>. This can be done from the console.


See Usage/Managing Views for information on viewing and changing view attributes.

Sign views support the following attributes:

Attribute NameDescriptionDefault
accessAccess control for the view; one of ANY, OWNER, or GROUPANY
item_justifyJustification for the menu items in this view; one of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER or DEFAULT. A value of DEFAULT means to use the global item_justify configuration itemDEFAULT
max_title_linesDefines the maximum number of lines the menu title is allowed to occupy on this view0 (meaning use global 'max_title_lines' config setting)
ownerThe name of the owning player.Player who created the view
rsoutputmodeControls how any attached output levers are toggled - one of SELECTED, TOGGLE, PULSE, PULSEANY or RADIO. See Redstone OutputSELECTED
scroll_typeScrolling type for this view, one of SCROLL, PAGE or DEFAULT - see the scroll_type Configuration setting for detailsDEFAULT
title_justifyJustification for the menu title in this view; one of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER or DEFAULT. A value of DEFAULT means to use the global title_justify configuration itemDEFAULT


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