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Private Hologram Views

Private Hologram views were added in v3.0.0 of ScrollingMenuSign. They allow menus to be displayed as holograms, using the powerful plugin; the HoloAPI plugin must be installed for hologram views to work.

Unlike public hologram views, private hologram views are created on a per-player basis rather than being created at a static location in the world. Players can pop these views up and down in front of them with specially configured "popup items" (see below).

Example of a warps menu displayed on a private hologram view


To do anything with private hologram views, you must have the scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pri permission node in addition to any other nodes needed for menu/view manipulation. E.g. to add (/sms sync) a sign to an existing menu, you'll need scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pri and scrollingmenusign.commands.sync. By default, non-op players don't have scrollingmenusign.use.holo-pri - you can give this to players directly, or give them scrollingmenusign.admin or scrollingmenusign.poweruser. See Permissions for more information.

Creating a Private Hologram View

To create a private hologram view:

/sms sync <menu-name> -holopri

Make a note of the view name you are given.

Now, to give players access to this view, they will need an item bound to the view. You can create and give such items as follows:

/sms give popup <view-name> <item-material> [<amount>] [<player-name>]

For example, if you have created a Warps menu and you want to bind a private hologram view for this menu to a compass item:

/sms sync warps -holopri
# assume it created view "warps-1"
/sms give popup warps-1 compass 10

This will give 10 compass items bound to the hologram to yourself; you can then hand them out to other players as necessary.

Note that popup items can also be used for inventory and spout views, since those views also support the concept of popping up & down.

Using a Private Hologram View

To pop a private hologram view up, just left- or right-click the popup item you created (or were given). You can then interact with the hologram via the usual (configurable) bindings: by default, right-click or shift-mouse-wheel scrolls the menu, and left-click executes an item. You can pop down the hologram by left- or right-clicking away from the hologram.

The hologram will also automatically pop down by default when an item is selected, but you can disable this with:

/sms view <view-name> autopopdown false

Removing a Private Hologram View

To remove any private hologram view:

/sms break <view-name>

(This works for any view type).


See Usage/Managing Views for information on viewing and changing view attributes.

Private hologram views support the following attributes:

Attribute NameDescriptionDefault
accessAccess control for the view; one of ANY, OWNER, OWNER_GROUP or GROUPANY
autopopdownIf true, then the inventory window will close as soon as an icon is clicked. Otherwise the inventory window will stay open until Escape is pressedtrue
item_justifyMay be one of default, left, center or right. Specifies how to lay out the icons in each row. If default, then the global 'item_justify' configuration setting will be used.default
linesThe number of lines of text to display in the hologram, including the menu title4
ownerThe name of the owning player.Player who created the view


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