Spout Support

ScrollingMenuSign can optionally use the Spout plugin in conjunction with the Spoutcraft client to provide some features not possible with the vanilla Bukkit/Minecraft setup:

  • A Spout view type where menu items can be displayed in a Spout popup with a "native" GUI.
  • Any key (or key combination) can be configured to scroll views up or down, and execute the currently selected menu item. The default key bindings are listed in the Configurable Keys section below.

Configurable Keys

Key bindings for scrolling and executing views can be defined in the Configuration. The configuration items are:


At this time, these bindings can only be set globally via the configuration file. The ability for players to define their own bindings via a Spout GUI is a planned feature.

The values used are taken from Spout's Keyboard enum - you can use any of the values listed on that page. Case is not sensitive, and you can omit the KEY_ prefix if you want. E.g. these are all accepted:

/sms set actions.spout.up numpad8
/sms set actions.spout.down KEY_NUMPAD2
/sms set actions.spout.execute Key_Numpad5

It is possible to require multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously - separate the key definitions with a '+' sign, e.g.:

/sms set actions.spout.up lshift+numpad8

Now you would need to press Shift and Numpad-8 together to scroll up.


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