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Removing Views


If you want to remove a view from a menu, there are a few options:

  • For Sign, Multisign and Redstone views, look at the view block and type /sms break. Signs will go blank and no longer be a menu view.
  • For Map views, hold the map and type /sms break
  • For Inventory views, hold a popup book for the view and type /sms break
  • For any view, you can remove it by name with /sms break <view-name> (/sms list <menu-name> will show all the views for a menu).
  • For any view which has a location in the world, you can remove it by location with /sms break -loc <x>,<y>,<z>,<worldname>.
  • Break the block to which a Sign/Multisign view or Redstone view block is attached. The sign (or other attachable block) will pop off and be quietly removed as a view of its menu. (Note that this won't work if the no_physics configuration item is set to true - in this case the view block will remain floating in mid-air).
  • Take an axe to the sign! (This will only work if the no_destroy_signs Configuration item is set to false).
  • Destroying a sign or other view block owned by another player is only allowed with the appropriate permission - scrollingmenusign.edit.any (see Permissions).
  • Taking an axe to the sign will trigger the sign's currently selected menu item if left-click is configured to execute items (which is the default). So using /sms break is the preferred option.
  • When removing a view by location, you may notice the location format is the same as the output of /sms list, making this a potentially useful option for managing views on the console (you can cut & paste the location string).
  • The only way to remove a Spout view is with /sms break <view-name>.


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