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The /sms menu command lets you view the menu items in a menu, and view/modify menu attributes; settings that modify how an individual menu operates.

Viewing Menu Items

/sms menu <menu-name>

Menu Attributes

All menus have the following menu attributes:

Attribute nameTypeDescriptionDefault
accessAccess ControlOne of ANY, OWNER, or GROUP. See Access Control for more informationANY
autosortbooleanIf true, then the menu will always be kept sorted by item label when items are added or modified. A change from false to true will also cause a one-off sorting of the menu.false
defcmdstringIf the menu item being executed has no command defined, this command will be executed instead. Note that the string <LABEL> in the command will be substituted with the item's label. See also Usage / Default Command.empty
ownerstringName of the player who owns the menu, or [console] if the menu was created on the consoleName of the player who created the menu
titlestringThe menu's displayed title, as displayed at the top of the menu. This may contain colour codes, e.g. "&1" is dark blue.defined by user at menu creation time

To show all attributes for a menu:

/sms menu <menu-name>

To show a specific attribute for a menu:

/sms menu <menu-name> <attribute-name>

To change the attributes for a menu:

/sms menu <menu-name> <attribute-name> <new-value>

Note that tab-completion works here, e.g. /sms menu mymenu <Tab> will cycle through all known menu attribute names.


/sms menu mymenu owner otherplayer
/sms menu mymenu title "&1A New Title"
/sms menu mymenu autosort true


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