usage/Displaying Menu Information

Showing Menu Information

Showing Menu Views

To list all known menus, or show all the views for a menu, use the /sms list command:

/sms list mymenu
----------|3 lines (page 1/1)|-------------
mymenu "Time of Day" [3 items] [2 views]
 * mymenu-1: sign @ -477,68,104 world
 * mymenu-2: map id: 3

That's the menu named mymenu with a sign view at location (-477,68,104) and a map view using map id 3, with title "Time of Day", and three entries.

/sms list without a menu argument lists all defined menus, but does not show the individual views for each menu.

Showing Menu Details

To display the menu entries for a menu, use /sms menu <menu-name>. Example:

/sms menu mymenu
-----------|4 lines (page 1/1)|------------
Menu 'mymenu': title 'Time of Day'
 1) Day [/time day] "It's daytime!"
 2) Night [/time night] "It's night time!"
 3) Compass [/compass] ""


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