Permissions Support


ScrollingMenuSign supports all superperms-supporting plugins, including PermissionsBukkit, GroupManager, bPermissions and PermissionsEx.

The default permissions configuration (this applies if you're not using a permissions plugin, or haven't given any scrollingmenusign.X permission nodes to the player) allows basic menu usage for all players, and full plugin admin rights (creation/deletion etc. of menu & views) for op-level players.

The Easy Way

The easiest approach is to grant players one of the following parent permission nodes, each of which grant a set of low-level permissions:

NodeWhat's allowedUsable view types
scrollingmenusign.guestScrolling and executing menu entries, permission elevated commands cannot be usedSign, Redstone
scrollingmenusign.userAs above and permission elevated commands can be used (if no permission nodes are granted, this is the default level of access)Sign, Redstone
scrollingmenusign.poweruserAs above, plus /sms list, /sms show, and /sms getcfg can be usedAll
scrollingmenusign.limited_adminAllows creation of menus and views (see below for list of restrictions)All
scrollingmenusign.adminComplete control of the plugin (if no permission nodes are granted, op-level players have this level of access)All

If you want to prevent all menu usage, the easiest way is to give the negated scrollingmenusign.user permission node.

The scrollingmenusign.limited_admin permission node gives control of most plugin functionality, with the exception of:

  • May not modify menus or views owned by someone else
  • May not change the plugin configuration with /sms setcfg ...
  • May not add menu items with commands that use costs or permission elevation (see Command Parser)
  • May not create redstone control signs

Map views, Inventory views and Spout views are restricted from guest and basic users by default since they can be used anywhere, potentially giving users a lot of power. Sign views and Redstone views views are fixed at specific locations in the world.

The Harder Way

If you want more fine-grained control over who gets what nodes or your permissions plugin doesn't handle superperms parent nodes properly, you will need to grant (or remove) low-level nodes individually.

Regular players have the following nodes by default:

  • scrollingmenusign.scroll
  • scrollingmenusign.execute
  • scrollingmenusign.execute.elevated
  • scrollingmenusign.use.sign

Regular players do not have the following nodes by default. You may wish to grant one or more of:

  • (if you want to allow players to use map views)
  • scrollingmenusign.use.spout (if you want to allow players to use spout views)
  • scrollingmenusign.use.inventory (if you want to allow players to use inventory views)

Admin-level players should get all of the nodes listed below.

Low-level Nodes

Command Nodes

The following lower level permission nodes correspond directly to /sms <command>. The Default setting for each node applies if you're not using a permissions plugin, and/or you haven't given any specific scrollingmenusign permission nodes to a player (including the parent nodes listed in The Easy Way section above).

scrollingmenusign.commands.create/sms createop
scrollingmenusign.commands.sync/sms syncop
scrollingmenusign.commands.break/sms breakop
scrollingmenusign.commands.delete/sms deleteop
scrollingmenusign.commands.undelete/sms undeleteop
scrollingmenusign.commands.add/sms addop
scrollingmenusign.commands.remove/sms removeop
scrollingmenusign.commands.edit/sms editop
scrollingmenusign.commands.list/sms listplayer menuplayer saveop
scrollingmenusign.commands.reload/sms reloadop
scrollingmenusign.commands.getcfg/sms getcfgplayer
scrollingmenusign.commands.setcfg/sms setcfgop
scrollingmenusign.commands.macro/sms macroop
scrollingmenusign.commands.uses/sms usesop
scrollingmenusign.commands.give/sms giveop
scrollingmenusign.commands.view/sms viewop

Other Nodes

scrollingmenusign.scrollallow views to be scrolledplayer
scrollingmenusign.executeallow menu commands to be executedplayer
scrollingmenusign.execute.elevatedallow permission-elevated commands to be executedplayer
scrollingmenusign.use.signfor doing anything related to sign viewsplayer
scrollingmenusign.use.multisignfor doing anything related to multisign viewsplayer
scrollingmenusign.use.mapfor doing anything related to map viewsop
scrollingmenusign.use.inventoryfor doing anything related to inventory viewsop
scrollingmenusign.use.spoutfor doing anything related to spout viewsop
scrollingmenusign.use.redstonefor doing anything related to redstone viewsplayer
scrollingmenusign.maps.from.signallow users to create map views from sign views by hitting a sign view with a blank mapop users to create sign views from map views by hitting a blank sign with a map viewop
scrollingmenusign.create.elevatedfor adding menu items with permission-elevated commandsop
scrollingmenusign.create.costfor adding menu items with costed commandsop
scrollingmenusign.access.anyignore view and menu access control settingsop
scrollingmenusign.edit.anyallows modification and destruction of menus & views belonging to other playersop
scrollingmenusign.create.switchallows creation of redstone output switchesop
scrollingmenusign.create.redstonecontrolallows creation of redstone control signsop


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