Command Logging

Command Logging

It is possible to log all commands run from ScrollingMenuSign menus, providing an audit trail of which players have run which commands on your server. By default, logging is not enabled.

To enable logging:

/sms set log_commands true

(setting log_commands to false disables logging)

By default, all log messages are sent to the server console (and copied into server.log). If you would prefer log messages to go into a separate file, you can do this as follows:

/sms set command_log_file commands.log

Now all command log messages will be written to plugins/ScrollingMenuSign/commands.log.

If you want to switch logging back to the server console, set the log file to an empty string:

/sms set command_log_file ""


  • The log file set in command_log_file is always relative to the plugin folder plugins/ScrollingMenuSign.
  • No automatic log rotation is done on this file - it is your responsibility to rotate/compress/etc. the file and ensure it doesn't grow too large.
  • Only commands that are run by players from menus are logged in this way - other logging output from ScrollingMenuSign always goes to the main server.log


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