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Note: All of these requirements are optional except of WorldEdit!


WorldEdit - Required

WorldEdit is needed to create and manage spleef games. If you don't have WorldEdit installed you can't use HeavySpleef!

Vault - Optional

Vault is required for giving money and other stuff. You can only distribute a jackpot or a reward if you have Vault installed.
(Most servers have this plugin installed).

This also requires a suitable economy plugin which supports Vault

ProtocolLib - Optional

ProtocolLib is required for the show-barrier flag.

MySQL Database - Optional

If you are running several servers with Spleef and you want to synchronize Spleef statistics you need a MySQL database for this.

  • Alternative way to store Spleef statistics.
  • Provided by your server hoster or can be installed on Ubuntu or Debian systems via apt-get install mysql-server


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