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Creating Games

After you installed and configured HeavySpleef to your needs, you are able to create your first game. To accomplish that, type the following command:

/spleef create <name>

The name you give the game is important as you always need it to identify the game when you add floors or deathzones for instance.

Adding Floors

You may now add floors by using the following command. Make sure you selected the region you want to add as a floor with WorldEdit. HeavySpleef currently supports three WorldEdit selections: cuboid, cylindric and polygonal

/spleef addfloor <game name>

Setting The Lobby

The next thing you need to do is to define a point where players are teleported once they are join a game. To accomplish that we use a specific flag called "lobby". Stand where you want the lobby to be and type the following:

/spleef flag <game name> lobby

Defining a Deathzone

The last step is to define a deathzone where players are automatically losing once they are in this deathzone. Alternatively you may use water or lava to mark an area where players lose.

Deathzone setup is very similar to the floor setup, however deathzones only support cuboid regions. So make sure you switched to the cuboid selection if you have not done that yet. Select a region with WorldEdit and type:

/spleef adddeathzone <game>

Congratulations! You have now set up your very first Spleef game. In order to customize your game even more visit the commands and flags documentation section.

Quote from notes:

For users who used a version below 2.0: Games are no longer bound to specific locations in HeavySpleef 2.0. This means, that you do not have to make a WorldEdit selection when creating the game via /spleef create <name>

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