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HeavySpleef 2.0 introduces a new mechanism which allows server administrators to extend HeavySpleef's functionality by installing add-ons. Add-ons are similar to Bukkit plugins but they are dropped into the plugins/HeavySpleef/addons folder. There are currently four add-ons available:

Inventory Join GUI Add-on

This plugin adds the functionality to choose game via a gui like inventory. This inventory may be accessed via the /spleef join command without arguments. In order to a game right click on the corresponding item.

The item appearance for each game may be configured by using the join-item flag:
/spleef flag <game> join-item <item-id or item-name[:data]> <amount>

Leaderboard Extensions Add-on

The leaderboard extensions add-on adds two new extensions for visualizing the leaderboard: A podium with the top 3 or 5 and their heads and a textual leaderboard sign wall.

Leaderboard Podium

In order to add a leaderboard podium make sure you stand on the location and you look into the direction where you want it to be. To actually add the podium type the following:
/spleef addpodium <podium-name>

To remove a podium use the following command:
/spleef removepodium <podium-name>

Below is an example picture of a leaderboard podium:

Leaderboard Wall

A leaderboard wall consists of multiple sign rows each sign showing one player. To add sign rows you have to define the wall firstly by typing:
/spleef addleaderboardwall <wall-name>

Now the wall is ready accept sign rows. You add one by executing the following command:
/spleef addleaderboardrow <wall-name>

After you run this command, make sure to select one sign in the row that should be added. A leaderboard wall may look like this:

AnvilSpleef Add-on

This add-on adds a new flag to HeavySpleef: 'anvil-spleef'. When activating this flag and playing a game, anvils will fall from above which are going to kill of if you are being by one of them. The last one surviving wins the game. Please understand that you can only have one floor when using this gamemode.

You may also define the amount of anvils spawned each seconds by using an optional parameter in the following format: /spleef flag <game> anvil-spleef <number of anvils each second>. This can be a number between 10 and 150, which is set to 50 if not specified.

WinCommand Add-on

The WinCommand add-on was specifically developed for servers owners who want to run a command when a player wins or loses a game and thus indirectly supporting plugins which are not supported by HeavySpleef. In order to achieve that, the add-on adds a flag called win-command to HeavySpleef.

If you want to add a command to be run when a player achieves a certain place you use the win-command:set flag as follows: /spleef flag <game> win-command:set <place> <command>
Place could mean every positive integer number. The command (without a leading /) is then executed for the player that achieved that place.

Removing commands is as simple as adding them: Just use /spleef flag <game> win-command:remove <place> to remove the execution of that command for the specified place.