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Commands + Permissions

Admin Commands

/spleef create <name> <cuboid/cylinder <radius> <height>>Creates a new game with the given type (cylinder/cuboid). If you going to add a cylinder spleef game, you have to give a radius and a heightheavyspleef.create
/spleef delete <name>Deletes an arenaheavyspleef.delete
/spleef flag <arena> <flag> <value>Sets a flag for a game. @see Flag Documentationheavyspleef.flag
/spleef disable <name>Deactivates an arenaheavyspleef.disable
/spleef enable <name>Activates a deactiveted arenaheavyspleef.enable
/spleef reloadReloads the pluginheavyspleef.reload
/spleef addwall <arena>Adds a signwall with the given selection to the arenaheavyspleef.addwall
/spleef removewallRemoves the wall where you currently lookheavyspleef.removewall
/spleef addscoreboard <east/west/north/south>Adds a 19x7 block large scoreboard left under you with the given directionheavyspleef.addscoreboard
/spleef removescoreboardRemoves the scoreboard where you currently lookheavyspleef.removescoreboard
/spleef listLists all games or all ingame playersheavyspleef.list
/spleef info <arena>Shows information about this arena such as the type, name and the
/spleef addfloor <randomwool/given/block:data>Adds a floor to the game. If you want to add a manually builded floor to a cylinder arena, then you have to look at the builded floor. If you want to add a manually builded floor to a cuboid arena you have to mark the floor and type the command.heavyspleef.addfloor
/spleef removefloorDeletes the floor where you currently lookingheavyspleef.removefloor
/spleef addlose <name>Adds the marked losezone to the gameheavyspleef.addlose
/spleef removelose <name> <id>Deletes a losezone with the given ID from the given game (ID is showed by add)heavyspleef.removelose
/spleef kick <player> <reason>Kicks the player from the gameheavyspleef.kick
/spleef stop <name>Stopps the gameheavyspleef.stop
/spleef saveSaves all games to the
/spleef rename <arena> <newName>Renames a gameheavyspleef.rename
/spleef addteam <arena> <red/blue/green/yellow/gray>Adds an team to the game. Colors you can use: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Gray.heavyspleef.addteam
/spleef removeteam <arena> <red/blue/green/yellow/gray>Removes a team from a gameheavyspleef.removeteam
/spleef teamflag <arena> <team> <minplayers/maxplayers> <amount>Sets the minimum or the maximum count of players needed to be in a teamheavyspleef.setteamflag
/spleef regenerate <game>Manually regenerate floor of the given gameheavyspleef.restorefloor
/spleef helpShows the admin

Vip permission:

User Commands

/spleef join <name>Joins the game with the given nameheavyspleef.join
Sign: heavyspleef.sign.join
Inventory: heavyspleef.join.inventory
Per game: heavyspleef.join.<arena>
/spleef voteVotes to start a
/spleef leave <name>Leaves a game if the player is active, if not then it leaves the queueheavyspleef.leave
Sign: heavyspleef.sign.leave
/spleef start <name>Starts the game with the given nameheavyspleef.start
Sign: heavyspleef.sign.start
/spleef stats [player]Shows the own statistics or the statistics of another playerheavyspleef.statistic / heavyspleef.statistic.other
/spleef stats topShows the top playersNone
/spleef helpShows the user
/spleef spectate <game>Spectates a gameheavyspleef.spectate