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HeavySpleef comes with built-in statistics. The following aspects are being recorded when playing spleef:

  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Knockouts
  • Games played
  • Time played
  • Blocks broken
  • Rating

You may review your statistics by using /spleef stats. Other players statistics can be inspected with /spleef stats <player>. If you want to list the leaderboard with the best players use /spleef stats top.

As you may notice there is a thing called rating which is recorded and is the criteria for the leaderboard. The rating describes your success when playing spleef. This means that you gain rating if you win a game and players who lose are losing rating. The amount of rating you gain or lose is defined by the rating of your opponent which makes sure that good players can not use bad players to get rating.


Player A has a rating of 750, while player B has a rating of 1250. When A wins, he gains a large amount of rating because player B is rated better and is expected to win the game. Vice versa B will not gain much of rating as he is already rated stronger than A.

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