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Please read this before posting a report!

Why does it keep telling me "There is no lobby point set for this game"?

  • HeavySpleef requires a lobby point where players are being teleported once they join via a command, a sign or the gui. To set the lobby teleportation point, stand where you want it to be and type /spleef flag <game> lobby. For more help, visit the documentation page that covers lobby points.

My players can't break blocks on the floor! What should I do?

  • Are you sure you added the floor properly to the game? Make sure to use the WorldEdit selection tool as the HeavySpleef selection used in 1.x is no longer supported.

Where can I find tutorials and a command list?

Awwh I found a bug! Where can I report it?

Where can I find a command & permission reference

  • The link to the commands & permissions page already exists in the top header of this page ;)

Can you add support for X alias in commands?

  • You can do that by yourself! Do this:
  1. Open HeavySpleef.jar with a program like WinRar or 7-zip (Install it, then right click the file and click "Open with...", and then choose WinRar)
  2. Copy the plugin.yml out of the jar file
  3. Open the plugin.yml with a text editor, and then add as many aliases as you want! (aliases: [hs, hspleef, spl, mycoolaliashere, anotheralias])
  4. If you added what I wrote in step 3 you can now use /anotheralias instead of /spleef !