WarpSign is an Add-on to AdminCmd. It provides the user with possibilty to set Sign to teleport to a Warp Point defined in AdminCmd by clicking on the Sign. AdminCmd is NEEDED for this Add-on to work correctly.

It inherits the permissions handling of AdminCmd (meaning having the node : admincmd.* will give you all the perm for this addon too) !


  • Setting a sign to teleport to a Warp Point
  • Auto-completion for the world name and the warp name
  • Light


All parameter in itallic are optional.


none for now.


ActionPermission Node
Create modify a WarpSignadmincmd.warpsign.edit
Using a WarpSignadmincmd.warpsign.use

Permission Node for all actions:


# Configuration file of WarpSign
# Plugin Version: 1.0.0 (BUILD 25.01.2012 @ 14:25:07)
# warpKeyWord	:	set the keyword used to recognise a WarpSign.
#  BE CAREFULL if you change it, older WarpSign will be not working. (Default : [ACWarp])
# worldNotFound	:	Message used when using the autoComplete feature and the World couldn't be found. (Default : This World doesn't exists : )
# warpNotFound	:	Message used when using the autoComplete feature and the Warp couldn't be found. (Default : This Warp doesn't exists : )
# useColor	:	When set to true, will automatically color the World and Warp name on the sign using the color defined below. (Default : true)
# wordColor	:	This color will be use for colouring the Word's name on the sign. (Default : &6)
# warpColor	:	This color will be use for colouring the Warp's name on the sign. (Default : &a)
# useCount	:	When set to true, the last line of the sign is used to count the number of teleportation done using the sign. (Default : true)
# countMessage	:	When Count is set to true, this message will be used to display the teleport count. (Default : &cCount: &d)
# teleportMessage	:	Teleport message used when successfully teleported to the Warp Point. (Default : &aTeleported successfully to &f)

warpKeyWord: '[ACWarp]'
worldNotFound: 'This World doesn''t exists : '
warpNotFound: 'This Warp doesn''t exists : '
useColor: true
wordColor: '&6'
warpColor: '&a'
useCount: true
countMessage: '&cCount: &d'
teleportMessage: '&aTeleported successfully to &f'

How to create a Warp Sign:

  1. Complete the Sign
    1. KeyWord configured in the configuration file
    2. Name of the World
    3. Name of the Warp
      The names are auto-completed automatically
      When done
      When you click on it (and useCount is set to true) UseSign

Download (wget friendly) & Source:

Download 1.0.0 (BUILD 25.01.2012 @ 14:25:07) (Needs DEV AdminCmd v5.12 or newer)


DEV Changelog:


  • Version 1.0.0:
    • Initial Release