EntityCleaner is an Add-on to AdminCmd. It provides the admin with the possibilty to remove entites every xx minutes to save memory! AdminCmd is NEEDED for this Add-on to work correctly.

It inherits any immunity level from AdminCmd!


  • Worlds to be taken care of can be specified in the Config
  • Each class of entites can be turned off/on(not removed/removed)
  • Items can be specified which should be removed
  • Carts and Boats can be protected if they are on rails/in water


All parameter in itallic are optional. For the name of the task you have to insert in taskName see list after the permission node.

/purge-s,-r,-c,taskNameFlag -s: Starts or Stops a Task.
Flag -r: Restarts a task.
Flag -c: Prints available information about the task values
/purge-p,-otaskName false|trueFlag -o: En-/Disables the task in the config. If the task already runs you'llhave to stop it
Flag -p: Sets protected to ture/false. Defines if carts/boats should be deleted if they are on rails/in water.
/purge-t,-itaskName timeSets the two time.
Flag -i: The time before the task is started for the first time after server start(initTime).
time:Time between each clearing of entites.
/purge-ataskName initTime time true|falseSets all the parameters except -p ones. Order is important and can't be changed!

IMPORTANT: You have to write the exact taskName provided in the list below, the input is CASE-Insensitive.


CommandPermission Node


taskNameWhat the Task does
cartRemoves Minecarts
boatRemoves Boats
vehicleRemoves both carts and boats
monsterRemoves monsters
animalRemoves Animals
villagerRemoves Villagers
arrowRemoves Arrows
orbRemoves ExperienceOrbs
itemRemoves items specifie in the config
allRemoves all the above entities

Download (wget friendly) & Source:

Download 1.0 (BUILD 07.02.2012 @ 23:09:16)



Download 1.1-SNAPSHOT (BUILD 26.02.2012 @ 00:40:51)

DEV Changelog:

  • [MAJOR CHANGE] Updated Config Layout, now worl specific settings are possible, please remove the ol config file!
  • [BUG FIX] Fixed some things in the purge command
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added passenger protection for Cart,Boat and Vehicle task
  • [CHANGE] Removed protection from all task as it is meant to really remove all entities
  • [NEW FEATURE] New flag -e to set the passenger check to on/of (true/false)
  • [CHANGE] Purge command now has a new layout in usage:
     /purge <flag> <world> <taskName> <value>
    If a player executes a command the <world> can be omitted, if it is issued from console it is NEEDED!
  • [MAJOR CHANGE] Changed permissions: just remove the admincmd. in front of each permission


  • Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release