Configuration Explanations

Configurations Explanations


You can now set immunityLvl (like maxHomePerUser (explained HERE (Features Page))), an immunityLvl is a level representing the power of the user.

A user with a power of 0 can't do command against a user of a power of 1 or above.
And the user of 150 (the max) can do everything to the lower levels.

Only one exception : admincmd.immunityLvl.samelvl if a user have this node, he can only issue command to user having the same lvl.

Folders & Files

Folders :

/userData/Contain all informations about the players, there home, there last location before and if it's there first connection. Each file have the name of the player.
/locale/Contain the locales files
/scripts/Contain a single file scripts.yml where you can configure your own bash/batch script to be executed by the server (only for experienced admins)
/worldData/Contain all the informations about the worlds, spawn point, warp, time frozen and weather frozen.
/HelpFiles/Contain directory that contain the file to explain each command of the plugin. (Look on /HelpFiles/AdminCmd/ to see what I mean)

Files :

Alias.ymlContain every Item alias you create inGame
banned.ymlContain the name of the banned player and the reason of the ban
blacklist.ymlContain blacklisted items
config.ymlConfig file
items.csvContain the default alias of Essentials
kits.ymlContain the kits
commands.ymlContain the command you want to disable, prioritize and your alias for each commands

Configuration File

#if true, display MOTD on join
MessageOfTheDay: true

#If true, display the news message on Join
DisplayNewsOnJoin : true

#If true, display the rules on Join
DisplayRulesOnJoin: true

#If true, display the rules ONLY ON FIRST JOIN 
#(override the above parameter DisplayRulesOnJoin)
DisplayRulesOnlyOnFirstJoin: false

#Default value for each power
DefaultVulcanPower: 4.0
DefaultFireBallPower: 1.0
DefaultFlyPower: 1.75

#Language of messages displayed in the plugin.
locale: en_US

#Disable every message of the plugin
noMessage: false

#Activate the autoAfk, meaning the player 
#will be set AFK after the given time
autoAfk: true
afkTimeInSecond: 60

#Activate the auto kick AFK people after the given time
autoKickAfkPlayer: false
afkKickInMinutes: 3

#After how many seconds the plugin will check 
#if the player didn't move for the AFK
#Also used to send update about the Invisible status.
statutCheckInSec: 20

#How many homes a user can have. 0 = Infinite, max = 150
maxHomeByUser: 0

#How many Items a user can spawn at once. 0 = Infinite, max = 150
maxItemAmount: 0

#Only useful when using bridge with SuperPerm,
#to avoid the use of the bridge.
forceOfficialBukkitPerm: false

#If true and if it's the first time that the player connect, 
#he will be spawn at the spawn point you set
firstConnectionToSpawnPoint: false

#Fly,God,vulcan, etc ... are power. 
#If true, these power are lost when tp to another world.
resetPowerWhenTpAnotherWorld: true

#Range check for update the invisible status.
invisibleRangeInBlock: 312

#Fake quit when you become invisible
fakeQuitWhenInvisible: true

#Activate the parachute when falling in fly mode
glideWhenFallingInFlyMode: true

#Tweak the parachute value.
    newYvelocity: -0.5
    YvelocityCheckToGlide: -0.2
    multiplicator: 0.1

#Activate the color sign, using & to select the color.
ColoredSign: true

#Disallow muted player to do private message
mutedPlayerCantPm: false

#Max Range in block for the tp at see.
maxRangeForTpAtSee: 312

#Mean, when you want to tp to a player or tp the player,
#he'll receive a request that he can ignore or accept.
#By setting this option to true, 
#the tp request will be activated by default.
tpRequestActivatedByDefault: true

#How much minute before a tp request become invalid.
tpRequestTimeOutInMinutes: 1

#Disable some "debug" message when launching the plugin
#(change it to true only if you have a good reason to do it.)
verboseLog: false

#Private message send with command /msg are logged in the server.log
logPrivateMessages: true

#Broadcast a message to every player when reloading the server.
broadcastServerReload: true

#For the help command
    #Number of help entry per page
    entryPerPage: 9
    #Shorten the help text
    shortenEntries: false
    #Check the word to do the new line
    useWordWrap: false
    wordWrapRight: false
    #If set to true, get the commands of every plugins installed
    #Else only from the folder HelpFiles where you set your help files
    getHelpForAllPlugins: true

#Item used for the SuperBreaker mode
superBreakerItem: 278

#Format info for %time in MotD, Rules and News
    #Date/Time format
    Format: dd/MM/yy - HH:mm:ss
    #TimeZone to be displayed, only Use GMT or UTC here
    GMToffset: GMT+00:00
#if you want to use the immunity level explained above
useImmunityLvl: false

#Level assigned by default for user.
defaultImmunityLvl: 0

#Use the DisplayName of the player when using the player name
useDisplayName: true

#To activate the debug log (debug.log file)
debug: false

#To change the global Respawn point
# Can be : globalSpawn, bed, home
globalRespawnSetting: globalSpawn

#Will be used in a later version
- default
- mod
- admin

#Setting this to true, will disable the auto-picking item when invisible
InvisAndNoPickup: false

#When using a Spawn/Home command, the plugin will check
#if the player didn't moved
checkTeleportLocation: false

#Delay before teleporting (Spawn/Home)
teleportDelay: 0

#To log all command in the console and server.log
logAllCmd: false

#To activate the change of the Join/Quit message (that can be configured in the locale file)
useJoinQuitMsg: true

For the Date/Time format and how it has to/can be set up see here.

Command File

#Command that will have all priority under other plugins.
- reload
- ex
- undo
#Disabled commands
- blah
- thor
#Here you can set your own alias for the commands.
    - gg
    - gd


Here is a template for the kit file :

        delay: 0
            '276' : 1
            '278' : 1
            '277' : 1
            'Diamond_Axe' : 1
        delay: 60
          'dirt': 64
          'grass': 2
        delay: 0
          head: 310
          chest: 311
          legs: 312
          boots: 313
        delay: 0
        parents: [Tools,darmor]

delay : represent the time that the user has to wait before using the kit again (-1 to create a "only one use kit per user")
items : contain the items of the kit
armor : if you want to create an armored kit
parents : if you want your kit to inherit items and armor from other kits