Script file and execution

BIG thanks to hoptocraft for this short explanation!

The scripts are saved in the file "<serverdirectory>/plugins/AdminCMD/scripts/scripts.yml"
So open it first with an editor (Best would be: "PSDPad / Notepad++ / Geany(Linux)")

In the file you can see a short example:

    exec: echo
    args: HelloWorld

Explanation of the example:
"hello", is the name of the script. You need the name of the script to execute it in-game. (by: "/exec <scriptname>")
"exec:", means command execution. There is the command placed which will be executed from the script.
"args: ", means the arguments for an command in the execution above the "args".

For example the command "echo" as in the example: echo means, to give output to the chatline of the player which runs the command.
"HelloWorld" gives the command "echo" the arguments he need. In the case of echo the arguments are the text he has to print to the players chat.

The result of running that script, is that the text "HelloWorld" will appear in your chat.

Thus general structure of a script is:

    exec: <Name of the command>
    args: <Arguments for the command>