Current Dev: New Commands and Permission-Nodes


Paramaters set in italic are optional.

/moblimit-m MobNameworld limitUsing the -m parameter can be used to limit the mob of a particular type./ml
/mem-a,-f,-m,-n,-x,-i, -c, -b, -vnoneList all worlds, the memory used, the maximum memory and number of chuncks and entities sorted by worlds. The flag -f frees server memory by killing all animals/npcs/monsters and removing all drops in every world. -a only animals. -m only mobs. -n only NPC (Villager). -x only xp ball on the ground. -i only items on the ground, -c only minecarts, -b only boats, -v vehicles(boats and carts). (you can use a combination of the parameters like /mem -am will only kill mob and animal)/memory
/clear-P playernamematerial amountClear the user inventory. If material is set, only this material, if amount is set only deleting that amount of the material. if -P is used, it will be clearing the inventory of the player playername (accordingly to the given parameter, if no param is given, clear the whole inventory)/pclear
/stop-t secnoneStop the server after X sec (configurable in the configuration file or by the parameter -t). 1)lock the server 2)broadcast the stop message 3)kick every connected player 4)stop the server./ss /sstop
/nd-P playername -t timenoneActivate the no drop mode, meaning the player will never drop his items, and keep them on death. If -P is set, it will be activated for that player. If -t is set, it will be activate for that amount of time./nodrop
/egg-E egg_nameEgg Params (Eggs)Spawn special eggs that have the ability to do things that you (The player) could only dream of. Now its real, and its yours. Find more info here: Eggsnone
/broadcastmessageSends a message to all players. Layout can be adjusted via locale./bc
/mute-cplayerDisables a player to use any command.
/repairplayerAdded repairing of the item an other player holds

For a detailed description of each command take a look into the Change Log

Permissions Nodes

/mem -ALL_FLAGSadmincmd.server.memory.*
/mem -fadmincmd.server.memory.full
/mem -madmincmd.server.memory.mob
/mem -nadmincmd.server.memory.npc
/mem -xadmincmd.server.memory.xp
/mem -aadmincmd.server.memory.animal
/mem -iadmincmd.server.memory.item
/mem -badmincmd.server.memory.boat
/mem -cadmincmd.server.memory.cart
/mem -vadmincmd.server.memory.vehicle
Create a colored signadmincmd.coloredsign.create
/egg -Eadmincmd.egg.*
/egg -E ExplosionEggadmincmd.egg.explosion
/egg -E MobEggadmincmd.egg.mob
/egg -E KillerEggadmincmd.egg.killer
/egg -E EntityEggadmincmd.egg.entity
/mute -cadmincmd.player.mute.command