Item Commands

Item Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

/iid:data amount playerTo give an item to a player or yourself/item
/dropid:data amount playerTo drop an item nearby the player or yourself/d

Drop and Give(/i) command parameter explanation:

idNoThe material ID, alias or name
:dataYesThe data value assigned to the block, if any. Needed for e.g.: wools
amountYesThe amount you want to get/drop, default is 1
playerYesThe player who should get the item, defaults to command sender

Correct examples:


/i stone 64
/drop 35:3 15 Lathanael - This would drop 15 coloured wool to Lathanael

Further commands: NB!: If no explanation of the param is given, look them up in the table above.

/addblacklist-i, -bidAdds an (i)tem/(b)lock to the blacklist/abl
/rmblacklist-i, -bidRemoves an (i)tem/(b)lock from the blacklist/rbl
/moreamountAdds the given amount to yout currently held item, or if none given restocks it to 64
/moreallSets the amount of all items in your inventory to the max
/repairRepairs the item currently held/rep
/repairallplayerRepairs all items in the players or your inventory/repa
/colorcolornameChanges the color of the current item in hand (only for wool, dye, etc ...). Use '/color ?' to see available colours./c
/aliasalias idAdds an alias for an item/aa
/rmaliasaliasRemoves the given alias/ra
/kitkit playerAdds the wanted kit to the players or your inventory. Kit names are defined in kits.yml in the plugin folder./k

Per Command Permissions:

/i playeradmincmd.item.add.other
/drop playeradmincmd.item.drop.other
/repairall playeradmincmd.item.repairall.other
/kit to all kitadmincmd.kit.*
/kit to a particular kitadmincmd.kit.KIT_NAME
/help for Kit to be displayedadmincmd.item.kithelp

Permissions for all item commands: