You wonder WHY making a page only for the eggs ? simple EAAASSTTTEERRR EEEGGGS ... okay back to serious.

I implemented a whole API for the Eggs, meaning we (developers) can do everything we want easily with eggs, explosive egg, killing eggs, spawning egg, etc ... everything.

The key of the Egg system for the user is the command /egg -E EGG_NAME
Where EGG_NAME is the name of the EggType you want to use (it's autocompleted by the system, I'll provide example)

How To Use it


Each Egg have it's own permission, by default it's the name of the Egg in lower case without the word egg.
Example :
ExplosionEgg : admincmd.egg.explosion

Global Perm

There is of course a global Permission for all the eggs :


By default when you type : /egg in the console you'll see the list of the egg you have access. EggList

When you want to use an ExplosionEgg you just have to type : /egg -E ExplosionEgg
But because the command is smart if you type : /egg -E ex
it will have the same result :)

Existing Eggs

Parameters in italic are optional.

ExplosionEgg-p powerWhen you throw an Egg, it will explode when touching the ground.admincmd.egg.explosion
MobEgg-m mob -n numberThis egg will spawn X mob (where X is the parameter -n number, default is 1).admincmd.egg.mob
KillerEgg-r radiusThis egg will kill every LivingEntity (player,mob,animal) but you, in his radius. (Default radius configurable in the configuration file)admincmd.egg.killer
EntityEgg-e id -n numberThis egg work like the Mob egg, but here you have to type the ID of the Entity (meaning you can spawn minecart too, etc .. everything (but blocks) are entity in minecraft)admincmd.egg.entity
NormalEggnoneTo return the egg to normalitynone


/egg -E ex -p 5will change your egg into an ExplosionEgg with a explosion power of 5.
/egg -E mob -m WolfYour Egg will spawn 1 Wolf on Hatching.
/egg -E mob -m Wolf -n 50Your Egg will spawn 50 Wolfs on Hatching.
/egg -E kill -r 25Your egg will kill every mob but you in a radius of 25 blocks.
/egg -E normalReturn to normality