Server Commands

Server Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

/memory-fList all worlds, the memory used, the maximum memory and
number of chuncks and entities sorted by worlds.
The flag -f frees server memory by killing all animals/npcs/monsters and removing all drops in every world.
/extinguishrangeExtinguish the fire in the given range, default radius 20, max 50./ex
/airBlockType rangeReplace the wanted block by air, default radius 10/melt

Be careful with /extinguish and /air the radius represants a cube and not a square!

/undoUndo the /air or /ex done before (retain every change made)/past
/areloadPluginreload the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given. (Name is CaseSensitive!)/ar
/reloadallReloads the server./arall
/repeatRepeat the last command you issued with the same parameters./rp
/uptimeShows the server uptime./up
/aversionPluginDisplays the version of the wanted plugin OR AdminCmd if none given.
(Again plugin name is CaseSensitive!)
/infotypeDisplays all possible option to list (fly,god, etc ...), with option
displays the content (for fly, all the user having fly mode, etc ...)
/setspawnradiusSet the spawn to where you are with the given radius/ss
/spawnTeleports you to the spawn point of your current world/ts
/helpPlugin PageTo get the help of the plugin (or other plugins)
More explanations : Help Feature
/lockdownLock the server, kick every connected user that doesn't have the perm admincmd.server.lockdown and disallow them to connect to the locked server/lock
/difficulty-s, -gworld difficultySets(Flag s) or gets (Flag g) the difficulty of the given world or the if none provided the one the player is in. accepted difficulties: 0 - Peaceful, 1 - Easy, 2 - Normal, 3 - Hard. If a wrong difficulty is given it will be set to 1(Normal)!/dif

Per Command Permissions:


Permissions for all server commands: