Warp Commands

Warp Commands

Paramaters set in italic are optional.

/lwp-aList all warp points. If -a is used, list ALL warp from ALL worlds./lwarp
/wpPointNameCreate a warp point using your current position and the given name. CAREFUL if the warp point already exists,
you'll overwrite it.
/rwpPointNameDELETE the given warp point./rwarp
/twpPointName playerNameTeleport yourself or another player(if a name is given) to the warp point. PointName could be like : WorldName:WarpName when wanting to tp to another world./twarp

Per Command Permissions:

/twp playeradmincmd.warp.tp.other
/lwp -aadmincmd.warp.tp.all
/twp WorldName:WarpNameadmincmd.warp.tp.all

Permissions for all warp commands: