v0.8 upgrade instructions

This is a major update and there are 3 things to watch out for when you are upgrading to v0.8:

  1. Permissions changes
  2. config.yml changes
  3. Database upgrade

Each of these is detailed below.

Permissions changes

This is simple, just change the start of any permission from "HomeSpawnPlus" to "hsp". I got tired of typing the long name and I'm sure you did too.

config.yml changes

version 0.8 introduces a more flexible concept of strategy lists. Thus the config.yml had to change to accommodate these new features and while I was at it I restructured things a bit. If you do nothing at all, HSP will detect that you are using the old config when v0.8 first starts up and it will copy your old config to "config.yml.old" and then copy the new default "config.yml" into place. Be sure to read through the config to setup the new options to your liking. You can also find the latest copy of config.yml online here.


There are database schema changes between version 0.7 and 0.8. If you are using MySQL ('database.driver = driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver' in your bukkit.yml), then the upgrade is handled for you automatically and you don't need to do anything at all.

Unfortunately, sqlite3 is not as flexible as MySQL when it comes to schema upgrades. So if you aren't using MySQL, then you need to follow this simple procedure to update your sqlite3 database to the latest schema:

  • Copy the newest HomeSpawnPlus.jar into your plugins directory
  • Restart Bukkit
  • HomeSpawnPlus will print an error when starting up along the lines of "SQL error or missing database (no such table: hsp_version)", you can ignore this. It will startup and run fine despite this error.
  • Now login to your Bukkit server and run the command "/hsp backup" - this creates a file "backup.yml" in your plugins/HomeSpawnPlus directory. After backing up, open the file and make sure your data is in there.
  • Now shutdown Bukkit and copy your old "plugins/HomeSpawnPlus.db" to some other location (keep it in case you need to rollback).
  • Startup Bukkit: On startup, HomeSpawnPlus will create a new "HomeSpawnPlus.db" using the newest schema
  • Login and run the command "/hsp restore OVERWRITE" (caps are important). This will restore your "backup.yml" into your fresh new schema.
  • Enjoy!


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