Basic commands

homeGo "home" as defined by admin onHomeCommand strategyhsp.command.home
sethomeSet your default home at the current locationhsp.command.sethome
spawnGo to spawn as defined by admin onSpawnCommand strategyhsp.command.spawn
groupspawnGo to groupspawn as defined by admin onGroupSpawnCommand strategyhsp.command.groupspawngs

More full-featured player commands

home w:<world>Go to your default home on world <world>hsp.command.home.otherworld
home <name>Go to your home named <name>. Note the permission hsp.command.home.otherworld also controls whether or not players can use this form of the command to teleport to another world.hsp.command.home.named
sethome <name>Set a home named <name> at the current locationhsp.command.sethome.namedhomeset
setdefaulthome <name>Change your default home to home named <name>hsp.command.setdefaulthomesdh
homedelete <name>Delete home named <name>. If no name is specified, default home is deleted.hsp.command.homedeletedeletehome, rmhome, homed
homelist <world>Show all homes on world <world>, or current world if no world is givenhsp.command.homelisthomes, homel, listhome
homelistother <player>Show all homes for player <player>hsp.command.homelistotherhlo
spawn <name>Go to spawn named <name> (intended primarily for admins)hsp.command.spawn.named
homeinvitePlease see Home invite documentationSee documentationhi

Generally-reserved-for-ops commands

setspawnSet the default spawn for the local worldhsp.command.setspawn
setspawn <name>Create a named spawn on the local world. This does not become the default spawn or overwrite the map spawnhsp.command.setspawn.named
setfirstspawnSet the "firstSpawn" - new players will be spawned here if you use the "spawnNewPlayer" strategyhsp.command.setfirstspawn
setdefaultspawn <name>Change default spawn to the spawn named <name>hsp.command.setdefaultspawn
spawnlistShow a listing of all spawns.hsp.command.spawnlistspawnl
spawndelete <id or name>Delete a spawn by its id or namehsp.command.spawndeletespawnd, deletespawn, rmspawn
homeother <player> <world>Go to <player>'s default home on <world>. If <world> is not specified, defaults to local world. (intended primarily for admins)hsp.command.homeotherhomeo
sethomeother <player>Set another players default home to the current locationhsp.command.sethomeothersethomeo, sho
sethomeother <player> <name>Set home named <name> for <player> to the current locationhsp.command.sethomeothersethomeo, sho
setgroupspawn <group>Set a groupspawn for <group> at your current locationhsp.command.setgroupspawn
groupspawn <group>Go to a named groupspawnhsp.command.groupspawn.namedgs

Permission Groups

These are simple default groupings of permissions that you can apply to get started right away (using superperms).

hsp.home.bedsethome - set only this permission if all you want is players to be able to use a single bed per world

hsp.basic - Basic single-home-per-world setup

  • hsp.command.home
  • hsp.command.sethome
  • hsp.command.spawn

hsp.full - Full multiple home-per-world setup

  • hsp.command.home
  • hsp.command.home.named
  • hsp.command.home.otherworld
  • hsp.command.sethome
  • hsp.command.sethome.named
  • hsp.command.setdefaulthome
  • hsp.command.homedelete
  • hsp.command.homelist
  • hsp.command.spawn
  • hsp.command.spawn.named


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