(example not completed)

== Complex Example ==

*World "newbie" where you want your new players to spawn and remain until they've completed the newbie tutorial.
*World "world" which is your normal world and you consider your "default" world.
*World "pvp" where you allow PvP and want to setup faction spawning (ie. red v. blue)
*World "skylands" which is just an additional world players can play and set homes in.
*World "hardcore" that you want mostly isolated from the rest of your worlds.


*You want newbies to spawn in world "newbie" and respawn there even if they die, until they've completed the tutorial (ie. this is more than just a firstLogin spawn, you want them to stay on world "newbie" until they've completed the tutorial).
*You want PvP factions on world "pvp" where players can fight for either "red" or "blue" team, when they die, you want them to respawn at the red or blue base (no homes at all on this world).
*You want world "hardcore" isolated from your other worlds such that no use of /home, /spawn or dying will get you off of this world. So players always stay local to this world, the only way out is to go back through a portal you setup (through a plugin like MultiVerse).
*For "world" and "skylands":
**You want players to be allowed to set their home using a bed and you want this bed to be free of charge and also where they go on death.
**You want players to be able to buy additional homes using "/sethome" that they can also pay to use via "/home".
**If they do buy some homes, you want them to be able to use "/setdefaulthome" to set a new default that they will go to on death, instead of their bed.
**In the event a player has no home defined on their local world when they die (such as in skylands), you want them to go to their home they have set on "world".