"I would like to create two spawnpoints for two different groups of users on my server but otherwise I don't want to interfere with their ability to set personal spawn beds.

I just want the people to spawn in their specific spawnpoint if their beds are missing or if its their first visit"

To accomplish this, you must first define the two group spawn points you want to use, like so:

/setgroupspawn group1
/setgroupspawn group2

Then, the strategies to use would be like so:

# config.yml
    - homeMultiWorld
    - spawnGroup
    - homeMultiWorld
    - spawnGroup

Players will spawn at their home if they have one set and if not, they will spawn at the spawn for their group, "group1" or "group2". If no home and no group, they would just go to the default spawn on your world.


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