Please read the config description page for more complete documentation on the config options that are available.

Please also note that as of 1.2, this default yml is a simplified version. The version with all the options is always available as "config_defaults.yml" in your HomeSpawnPlus directory and is also available here.

# HomeSpawnPlus config.yml (current default as of v1.5)

# While the comments in here try to be helpful, the most up-to-date
# documentation for these options can always be found on the web at:
# ''
# This is the simplified "basic" configuration. See the
# "config_default.yml" file for full options listing.

  # 0 - Use SqlLite or MySQL, as defined by bukkit.yml
  storage: 0

  # set to true to enable players setting their homes by clicking beds.
  # they must also have the 'hsp.home.bedsethome' permission.
  bedsethome: true
  # The default/main world.
  defaultWorld: world

  verboseLogging: false

# Web doc reference for event strategies:
  # strategies to use when player is joining the game
    - spawnNewPlayer
    - default
  # strategies to use when player is respawning after a death
    - homeMultiWorld
    - spawnLocalWorld

  # strategies to use when player types "/spawn"
    - spawnLocalWorld
    - spawnDefaultWorld

  # strategies to use when player types "/groupspawn"
    - spawnGroup

  # strategies to use when player types "/home"
    - homeMultiWorld

# cooldowns for various commands can be defined here
# A cooldown of 0 is no cooldown at all.
  home: 60
  spawn: 60
  groupspawn: 60

  # globally enable or disable warmups.
  enabled: false
  # set to true if movement should cancel a warmup
  onMoveCancel: false

  # set to true if receiving damage should cancel a warmup
  onDamageCancel: false

  # individual command warmup timers
  home: 5
  spawn: 5
  groupspawn: 5

# Define limits on number of homes (-1 = unlimited)
  # If true, players can only have a single global home (set
  # either by /sethome or a bed)
  singleGlobalHome: false

    perWorld: 1
    global: -1

# If you have Vault installed, HSP can use that to charge prices for
# commands using whatever economy plugin you happen to have installed.
# Costs will not work if you do not have Vault installed.
  # if verbose is true, the player will get a message stating that their
  # account has been charged whenever they use a command with a cost.
  verbose: true

  home: 0
  sethome: 0
  spawn: 0
  groupspawn: 0