Example 1: A single home for every world set by right-clicking a bed. No commands in use at all. Player death results in going to bed home on local world or local spawn if no home is set (ie. player always stays on local world)

Example 2: Graveyard example. Setup one world with multiple "graveyard" spawns and when a player dies, they respawn at the nearest graveyard. Other worlds function as default home/spawn behavior.

Example 3: Groupspawn example. "I would like to create two spawnpoints for two different groups of users on my server but otherwise I don't want to interfere with their ability to set personal spawn beds. I just want the people to spawn in their specific spawnpoint if their beds are missing or if its their first visit"

Example 4: Example of per-permission home limits and some advanced "mode" settings for home events. (authors own config)

Example 5: Example of specific order of homes being checked on death or /home command, using mode strategies.

Example 6: A guest world that guests spawn on and cannot leave. And once they are memebrs, is it possible for the /spawn command to take them to the Members group spawn on another world? Or how do they get to the members world once they are of that rank?

Example 7: Example of extensive Multiverse and WorldGuard region integrations.


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