I have Essentials installed and HSP doesn't seem to be working

Read about how to solve this issue here. Unfortunately, Essentials has some unique issues with how it handles "playing nice" with other plugins and doesn't always work. HSP's dynamic command system is one of those cases that Essentials doesn't play nice with, but fortunately following the instructions in the above link is an easy fix.

I installed HSP but users can't use /home, /sethome or /spawn. What gives?

Did you read the Permissions page? Linked on that page is the User Commands page which describes the permissions needed to use HSP's commands. Also you might have other plugins stealing those commands, so HSP never gets the command. Read the documentation for resolving command conflicts.

Have you confirmed your users have the necessary permissions? As of HSP 1.5.6, you can even use the HSP built-in command "/permcheck" to do this, such as "/pc hsp.command.home theplayer" to see if theplayer has the hsp.command.home permission, for example. You can run this command from the console, so it works even if you can't figure out how to set the permissions to use the command.

Players aren't going where I expect when they die / join / whatever!

Most commonly this is caused by a misconfiguration or a plugin conflict (some other plugin is teleporting your players). The easiest way to track down what's going on is to set core.verboseStrategyLogging to true. HSP will then verbosely log details as it is evaluating strategies so that you can see exactly what it is doing and what results it is coming up with. Here's an example of what it captures when you turn on this flag:

2012-03-19 [INFO] [HomeSpawnPlus] evaluating default global strategies
2012-03-19 [INFO] [HomeSpawnPlus] Evaluated SPAWN_THIS_WORLD_ONLY, location = world,143,73,34
2012-03-19 [INFO] [HomeSpawnPlus] Evaluation chain complete, location = world,143,73,34

The last line is key, where it says "Evaluation chain complete", whatever location it says is where HSP is teleporting that person. If it says "location = null", then that means HSP didn't find a location from the strategies given, so HSP does nothing and the event just falls through to whatever Bukkit normally would do (or other plugins if you have them). If you see a location, as in the above, and the player is being teleported somewhere ELSE, then it's some other plugin doing it and you need to disable that other plugin's spawn/login behavior.

I have CommandBook installed and HSP doesn't seem to be working

CommandBook has a great mechanism for turning off modules you don't want to use. Edit your CommandBook "config.yml" and add "homes" and "spawn-locations" to your components.disabled section. Or you could apply the same fix as Essentials mentioned above, documented here.

I'm trying to use (some groupspawn-related feature) and it's not working!

As of HSP 1.5, there is a command /groupquery <player> that you can use to return what group HSP finds a player in based on your permissions configuration. Make sure the group you are trying to use matches the group the player is in (case matters). Also be aware groupSpawn-related functionality requires Vault or WEPIF (WorldEdit).

I'm trying to use [event,homeLimit,cost,cooldown,etc] per-permission settings, but it doesn't work!

The most common cause for this problem is not being aware of permission inheritance. The fix is to be sure to list your permissions in your HSP config from highest to lowest (ie. admin should come first, then VIP, then member, then guest, etc). More details here.

I use PEX and tried hsp.full or hsp.basic and they aren't working

There is a known issue with PEX - it doesn't support superperm parent/child nodes like hsp.full. Either spell out all the permissions individually or switch to a different permission system. Take a look at this excellent doc by mbaxter on why you shouldn't be using PEX.

OK but I don't have a permissions system and non-ops can't use /home and /spawn like I want

You are trying to use "ops only" mode. While I strongly encourage you to install and use a permission system because you will probably need it to make other plugins work the way you want, if you wish to proceed using HSP in "ops-only" mode, it is possible and well-documented how to do this.

I'm having some weird error or things aren't working quite right, what do I do?

First, try the core.verboseStrategyLogging step mentioned above. If that doesn't work, you can try setting core.debug to true, which will instruct HSP to log debug info to "plugins/HomeSpawnPlus/debug.log" which you can use to do further troubleshooting. If that doesn't help you solve the problem, you now have all the information you need to open up a ticket and get a fast resolution to the problem. (please use pastebin).


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