• /hsp reloadconfig|rc - reload the config live
  • /hsp reloaddata|rd - purge any data in memory and reload data from the database. Generally shouldn't ever be necessary
  • /hspconvert essentials - import homes from Essentials 2.9 data files
  • /hspconvert spawncontrol - import homes from SpawnControl v0.8
  • /hspconvert commandbook - import homes from CommandBook 2.1, 2.2
  • /hsp backup - backup your data to backup.yml file
  • /hsp restore OVERWRITE - restore youre data from backup.yml file. WILL OVERWRITE EXISTING DATA
  • /permcheck <permission> <player> - Run a permission check for <permission> on <player>. If <player> is omitted, will default to yourself. Prints true/false result of permission check. (alias /pc) (requires permission hsp.command.permcheck)
  • /groupquery <player> - Show what group HSP sees a player in, important for groupspawn behavior (alias /gq) (requires permission hsp.command.groupquery)


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