teleporting messages

Ticket #116 requested "teleporting" messages for HSP. This feature was added as of HSP v1.7.2.

There are is a configuration option that controls whether or not these messages are enabled (default: off):

  # set to true if you want to display teleporting messages
  # when a player types /home or /spawn. See web docs for how
  # to customize these messages:
  teleportMessages: false

Here are the default messages shown:

# While many of these are the same and the %home% or %spawn%
# identifier is silently dropped where appropriate, the
# different messages allow an admin to make them different
# if you so choose.
# Set to %NO_MESSAGE% if you don't want a particular message
# shown.
CMD_HOME_TELEPORTING=Going to home %home%
CMD_HOME_BED_TELEPORTING=Going to home %home%
CMD_SPAWN_TELEPORTING=Going to spawn %spawn%
CMD_SPAWN_NAMED_TELEPORTING=Going to spawn %spawn%
CMD_HOME_INVITE_TELEPORTING=Going to home %home% (owned by player %player%)
CMD_GROUPSPAWN_TELEPORTING=Going to group spawn %group%

The comment covers the details here, which is that you can customize each message even though by default several of them look the same. Also note you can use the special string %NO_MESSAGE% if you want to turn just one or a few of these messages off.

What if you want to override these messages? Follow the instructions on the localization page. Here is an example:

> cat plugins/HomeSpawnPlus/locale/
CMD_HOME_TELEPORTING=%yellow%You are at your home
CMD_SPAWN_TELEPORTING=%yellow%You are at spawn

In this example, we've changed the color and message for home/spawn and by setting CMD_HOME_INVITE_TELEPORTING to the special message "%NO_MESSAGE%", no message at all will be shown when a player uses /hit.


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