Skyblock Server

uSkyblock Server

I have opened a small server to run the latest version of uSkyblock (10 slots only) with the latest dependend plugins.
Use the command /usb version to see which plugins we use.
The default rank has all the basic, advanced and party permissions. Moderator and Admin permissions are not included as they can spoil other players islands or even the skyworld.

Join us on:

As the server is work in progress things might be added or removed, for now we only have a skyworld and skyworld_nether.
Use the signs in the shop (command /warp shop) for information about the uSkyblock.
Depending on the use of the server I will be present myself from time to time and I can increase the player slots if needed.

New added to our server is Dynmap, click here to view the map.
(Many thanks to for supplying the hardware for our server)

I have seen a few people trying to join the server with an unofficial version of Minecraft ;)

  • This server runs in ONLINE mode.
  • HACKS will not be tolerated and will be instand BAN.