Change log

Change Log v2.7.2 The plugin.yml update

When updating to the v2.7.X, the conversion is MANDATORY and cant be reversed.

  • Development
    • Total overhaul of the plugin.yml, and permissions, now have 2 sensible permissions: usb.use, for normal use
    • Chat toggle
    • DeluxeChat support
    • join-commands and leave-commands
    • Show online/offline mode in /usb version
  • Challenges news
    • The challenges are getting a complete overhaul over the next weeks,
      if you have any suggestions let us know
  • Languages support
    • Various languages updated
  • Bug fixes
    • fixed UUID conversion for 1.8 and 1.9 servers
    • fixed invalid UUID's causing erros

Change Log v2.7.1 The UUID Update

When updating to the v2.7.X, the conversion is MANDATORY and cant be reversed.

  • Development
    • A rewrite of the UUID system
    • Allow for island-handicap per island (starting level points and multiplier
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Challenges update
    • Complete challenges through signs placed on single and double chests
    • Hitting signs with left-mouse doesn't try to complete the challenge anymore (fix from after v2.7.0)
  • Languages support
    • Updated a few of language files.
    • Added Vietnamese (by Banbeucmas)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed purge system
    • Some minor issue's
    • Severe bug in requiredItems for non-repeatable challenges (fix from after v2.7.0)

Honorable Mentions

  • We'd like to specially thank Zaino60 - for providing us with proper test-data for the UUID conversion.

Change Log v2.6.12

  • Development
    • Blazes are now added to the mob limiter
    • Wither will despawn when leaving the island they been spawned on
    • Added config option to set default starting biome
    • Added support for Fawe
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Challenges update
    • Fixed some rewards (mainly eggs) in challenges.yml
  • Languages support
    • Updated a few of language files.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed resetInHours to allow for more than 596 hours
    • Fixed placing of armour stands
    • Squids should spawn again

Change Log v2.6.4

  • Development
    • Admins can use now spawn eggs in the spawn area
    • Spawners can be used in spawn
    • Changes have been made to accomplice modded servers
    • API has been updated
      • For more info click here (only for developers)
    • Restart GUI opens now when doing command /island restart
    • Default/custom islands can now be removed from the GUI
      • add enable: true/false
    • Custom islands can be added with a given "slot" number
      • add index: X (were X is a number between 1 and 53)
    • Leave button in the main GUI added for Party Members
    • Support for AWE 3.3.0 (AWE-API 1.1.0)
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Challenges update
    • there are no changes for the challenges
  • Languages support
    • Updated a few of language files.
  • Bug fixes
    • Squids will spawn again

Change Log v2.6.3 (1.9 update)

  • Development
    • Island selection GUI for create and restart
      • NOTE: All schematics will be visible to the player (permission based).
    • /is create will claim the spot you are in, or looking at, if available
    • Improved display-names for challenges and entities
    • Uniform permission handling
      • We now fully support *-permissions (i.e. usb.island.*)
      • NOTE: This means some permissions have moved!
      • The Command and Permission page has been updated to v2.6.x
    • The need for bedrock in schematics has been voided (point of copy will be center of island).
    • Chest-items in schematic are left there - new way to supply starter-items.
    • Performance improvements
      • We've made a lot of tweaks, so even very large islands won't impact your server-performance
    • Support for AWE 3.3.0 (AWE-API 1.1.0)
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Game mode addition added
    • SkyGrid support
      • See here how to setup a separate SkyGrid server with all features of uSkyblock
  • Challenges update
    • Updated po-files to remove fuzzy
    • Support & instead of ยง for challenge names or descriptions
  • Languages support
    • Improved and updated a few of language files.
  • Bug fixes
    • Change biome code severely refactored - takes longer time now, but works better.

Change Log v2.5.7

  • Development
    • Teleporting will be cancelled on move.
    • Added config option to save config parts from updating when the plugin gets updated.
    • Allow spawn size to be 0(zero).
    • Tool option added, when clicking with a sapling on a chest
    • Added command /usb wg update which update the WorldGuard region on the island you are on
    • Many internal optimizations.
  • Challenges update
    • The challenge file has had a total remake, some challenges are gone some adjusted and few new ones added.
      I do strongly suggest to backup the challenges file if you have made custom challenges, they will be overwritten on update.
      Rewards are set to very basic, change them to your own liking.
  • Languages support
    • Improved and updated a few of language files.
  • Bug fixes
    • Custom translation (including translations in the i18n folder).
    • When island is locked, players are teleported to spawn on login.
    • Nether terraforming when non-members mine.

Change Log v2.5.3

  • Development
    • Improved makeleader and added addmember to /usb island command
    • DEEP_OCEAN: Biome is now supported, it will convert squids into guardians, provided they are covered with prismarine blocks.
    • Guaranteed sapling drop
    • Improved language support (custom .po files)
    • We have made a second release for servers still running Craftbukkit/Spigot v1.7.9/10
  • Challenges update
    • Challenges and ranks now support name as display-name.
    • Challenges support customizable item for lockedDisplayItem.
    • Re-thinked the challenge-completions, so they now are owned/shared on an island. I.e. they no longer follow individual players.
  • Languages support
    • Swedish (99.9%)
      See languages added here.
      See the country codes here.
  • Bug fixes
    • Obsidian to lava now requires ONE bucket (but won't remove all your buckets in return).
    • AsyncWorldEdit v2.2.2 - 3.2.1 can now co-exist with uSkyBlock.
    • Ghasts now spawn in nether!

Nether Features

This release includes a complete "package deal" for skyworld-nether. To install it do the following:

a) Stop the server (this is required)
b) Backup any skyworld_nether world you might have had previously and remove or rename the Skyworld_nether.
c) Make sure the distance and protectionRange is chunk-aligned (divisible by 32), i.e. 128.
d) Enable nether support in your config.yml, by adding a nether.enabled: true to the config file.
e) Start the server
f) Watch the server-log carefully, and resolve any issues.

An island and region will be created/formed in the skyworld_nether, on island creation/restart. The island will have sparse resources, but enough to get you started. When-ever a player breaks a block on the island, the block might spawn another block (called terra-forming). Blocks broken above the player, will not spawn new blocks (i.e. no terra-forming upwards). Wither-Skeletons, Skeletons and Blazes will spawn naturally on netherbricks.

More information about the nether can be found here.

Change Log v2.4.7

  • Config update
    • Config files preserve comments on merge (bukkit-utils, available for other plugin devs)
  • Development EXPERIMENTAL
    • GUI for editing config.yml in-game (use at own risk - no support!)
      Permission to use this feature usb.admin.config or OP
      Command to open the GUI is /usb c
      This permission should NOT be given to player/mods/admins besides server owners or plugin maintainers.
  • Languages support
    • Spanish (99.9%)
      See languages added here.
      See the country codes here.
  • Bug fixes
    • plugin now works without AWE.
    • plugin now reverts to non-AWE performance, when AWE is unrecognized/unsupported.

Change Log v2.4.6

This version requires AsyncWorldEdit. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, we will fix this soon

  • Miscellaneous
    Make top-10 entry configurable
    • topTenCutoff: [number]
      This not default in the config and can be added, if wanted/needed in the section options.advanced.topTenCutoff:
  • Introduce /usb jobs stats to get info on internal performance.
  • Configure whether to teleport or not when island is created/restarted
    • teleportWhenReady:false
  • Updated config page to latest version, also extra page for coming changes.
  • Development
    Major module refactoring to support AWE 3.1.1 and AWE 2.1.1 at the same time.
    Cleanup the API a bit (it contained internal state).
  • Bug fixes
    • NPE when trying to import challenges from old format to new.
    • Only broadcast challenge completion to island, when not broadcasting to the whole server.
    • Wipe player-inventory even if they logged out before their island was ready.

Change Log v2.4.5

(not released on bukkit due busy schedule).

  • Challenges update
    Challenges can now be shared on the island, making coop play and single play more balanced
    • challengeSharing: player|island - default is player (as previously)
  • Challenges can now have lockedDisplayItem
    If lockedDisplayItem exists on the top-level,
    i.e. lockedDisplayItem: STAINED_GLASS_PANE:14
    it is used for those challenges that do not have a specific lockedDisplayItem. (more about this on the challenges page)
  • Miscellaneous
    Known issue: Large schematics still take a toll when pasted, even with AsyncWorldEdit active.
    Performance improvements
    New and better named tasks for balanced execution of heavy tasks.
    Improved cache-support
    Use /usb flush to flush caches to yml-files
  • Removed command
    Old async command is gone

Change Log v2.4.4

  • AsyncWorldEdit support Updated
    AsyncWorldEdit (AWE) can be disabled for island creation (not recommended)
    • asyncworldedit.enabled: false
  • WorldGuard Flag support
    Possible to disable the entry/exit messages from WorldGuard
    • worldguard.entry-message: false
    • worldguard.exit-message: false
  • Languages support
    • French 99.9%
    • pt_BR updated
      See languages added here.
      See the country codes here.
  • Bug fixes
    • extra-menus accessible from other worlds
    • AWE progress improved, and detection of AWE 3.1.1
    • /is ban now also prevents players flying/walking to the island
    • /is ban use of WG
    • WG region updated when language changes
    • Language bug found in v2.4.3 has been fixed
    • due to a bug is v2.4.3 deleted (same features apply for 2.4.4)

Change Log v2.4.2

  • Level/Rank in chat
    Added {usb_rank} and {usb_level} as chat-format placeholders
  • AsyncWorldEdit support
    Improved AWE-support and island-detection (hopefully this will fix the previous issue's).
    [OPTIONAL] Support for ActionBarAPI for AWE progress
  • language support
    /usb lang command for changing language ingame.
    • Russian 99.9%
      See languages added here.
      See the country codes here.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed syntax-error in PURGE message

Change Log v2.4.1

  • Spawn Limits
    Allow for per-island limits on:
    • animals
    • monsters
    • villagers
  • Island Talk (updated and expand)
    You can now talk to your party /ptk <message> (server wide) or
    players on your island /it <message> (island only including trusted players).
  • Ignore-islands
    /usb island ignore will ignore the island on top-10 and purge
  • Improved perk system
    Make collections of perks for your players, perks include:
    • schematics
    • maxParty
    • animals
    • monsters
    • villagers
    • hungerReduction
    • rewardBonus
    • extraItems
  • Improved purge system
    Purge will now be MUCH faster than before, but will no longer delete the island (the actual blocks), it will happen once the island is reclaimed through the orphan-system
  • Improved orphan system
    Orphans are now handled much more elegantly in the plugin, and the orphans will be released depending on the distance to spawn/origin/0,0
    The center of the skyworld will always be the one with the most active islands.
  • i18n override
    We now support located in the plugin folder, for overloading/overwriting the current translations.
    The format follows the property files found within the jar (See here for an tutorial)
  • AsyncWorldEdit support
    We now support detecting when AWE is in use (no more need for the delay on schematics)
    • Note: This is stil experimental - so it might display some bugs.

Change Log v2.4

Since the last update we have been working towards performance and some new feature.
the new features added are:

  • Trust
    You can now give a player the option to trust with the command /is trust [playername].
    This way players can be a member of multiple islands without loosing their own island.
    They can build/break blocks and open chests.
    They cannot do the same things a player that is in the Island Party(when given by the island owner).
    To "untrust" a player again you can use the command /is untrust [playername]
    Players do need the permission to trust a player but the trusted player does not need this permission.
  • Island Talk
    This is the Party Chat and can be accessed by anyone in an Island Party (trust members are not included).
    To use the "Island Talk" you can use the commands /islandtalk [message], /istalk [message]
    or /it [message].
    The Island Talk works server wide, meaning, if your in an other world you can still send and recieve messages.
    The format can be set in the config.yml under
    Party members do need the permission
  • Level in chat
    This option can be added as prefix or suffix to your chat plugin.
    Just put {uskyblock_island_level} in the formatting of your chat plugin.
    Color codes are supported.
  • Rank in chat
    This option can be added as prefix or suffix to your chat plugin.
    Just put {uskyblock_island_rank} in the formatting of your chat plugin.
    Color codes are supported.
  • language support
    The language system is finaly completed. So far the added languages are:
    • Danish 99.9%
    • Dutch 99.9%
    • Portuguese (Brazilian) 99.9%
    • Pirate 98%
    • German 79%
    • Chinese 60%