The Config Changing

The changing factor

Due to the fact that our plugin is growing and changing drastic the config is not an exception to this change. Some nodes will go and new ones will be added.
The "extra-menus" have been deleted from the config but still work if you re-add them.

      title: "\xa7a\xa7lBuy Perks"
      displayItem: CHEST
      - chestcommands open perks
      - "\xa7fVisit the perk shop to buy"
      - "\xa7fspecial abilities for your"
      - "\xa7fisland and character, as well"
      - "\xa7fas titles and more."
      - "\xa7e\xa7lClick here to open the shop!"
      title: "\xa7a\xa7lBuy Donor Perks"
      displayItem: ENDER_CHEST
      - '[group.donor]chestcommands open donor'
      - '[!group.donor]donate'
      - "\xa7fThis special perk shop is"
      - "\xa7fonly available to donors!"
      - "[group.donor]\xa7e\xa7lClick here to open the shop!"
      - "[!group.donor]\xa7a\xa77Click here to become a donor!"

A new section has been added to allow the use of custom islands with custom value's.

# List of selections for /is create and /is restart
# the nodes under island-schemes must match the schematic-names from the schematics folder.
  # name of the schematic
    # permission needed to use island
    permission: usb.island.create
    # small discription of the island
    description: The default uSkyBlock island
    # item to display in the GUI
    displayItem: SAPLING
    # optional, default true (true enabled in GUI, false disabled in GUI)
    enabled: true
    # optional, must be listed in ascending order
    index: 2
    # optional extra's that can be given per island
    extraItems: ''
    maxPartySize: 4
    animals: 48  # animal limit per island
    monsters: 50  # monster limit per island
    villagers: 16  # villager limit per island
    golems: 5 # golem limit per island
    rewardBonus: 0.5  # currency bonus per island
    hungerReduction: 0.5  # hunger depletion per island
    extraItems: '43:8'  # extra items per island per island

You can give optional extra "perks(s)" per island but you also can give individual. This is explaind in the section below

In the section below you will see how to add the "perk(s)" per permision.
You can create as many sections as you like with custom made permissions. So for each rank, group, donor, vip, etc. etc. can have it's own "perk(s)" permission.

 This section allows donors to get specific perks
      example:  # permission: usb.donor.example will give the below extra items
        extraItems: '4:16 320:5' # extra items per permission
        maxPartySize: 5  # choose your party size per permission
        schematics: [your schematic]  # add your own schematic (when added in the island-schems section)
        animals: 60  # animal limit per permission
        monsters: 100  # monster limit per permission
        villagers: 24  # villager limit per permission
        golems: 5 # golem limit per permission
        rewardBonus: 0.5  # currency bonus per permission
        hungerReduction: 0.5  # hunger depletion per permission
        extraItems: '43:8'  # extra items per island per permission

Some other examples:

      extraItems: '4:16 320:5'
      extraItems: '4:16 320:5'
      extraItems: '4:16 320:5'
      villagers: 24
      animals: 60
        extraItems: '4:16 320:5'
        villagers: 24
        rewardBonus: 2.3