The Nether


The Nether

With the release of a new version we will start a new era for the uSkyblock plugin.
We have added a Nether world (skyworld_nether) with an island that has special powers to make this game play different from any other skyblock plugin out there.
Your new Nether island will hang above a sea of lava, When mining on this island you will generate (terraforming) new blocks according to what you mine. New block(s) will appear random around you, these blocks can be configured in the main config (see below the new added section).


The installation of the new version (v2.5 and above) is the same as before, the same depended plugins are needed but we do recommend the use of Multiverse-NetherPortals.

By DEFAULT the Nether is turned off, so if you don't want to make use of this new feature then that is possible (of course we like you to use our new features).

Before Enabling The Nether

When you decide to use our new feature and turn the nether on you need to consider a few things:

  • Do I want to reset the server.
  • Your old skyworld_nether must be removed from the server (backup and rename/remove it)
  • The distance and protectionRange needs to be adjusted
  • Size need to be able to be devided by 32 (or the nether will not be generated)

This would be the time if you want to rest your server.

Enabling The Nether

To enable the new Nether feature is simple. The only thing you need to do is to set the config from false to true and restart the server.
If everything is right, island distance and protectionRange are set and the old skyworld_nether is removed, it should generate a new Nether called skyworld_nether (if not, you need to check your settings).
To get in the new nether is just as simple as before, create a Nether portal using obsidian and a lighter.

The added config part belonging to the new Nether feature:

  enabled: true #default is set "false"

  # The distance to search for valid terra-form location.
  terraform-distance: 7
    level: 100

  # The probability of forming blocks
    - '{p=0.7}NETHERRACK'
    - '{p=0.15}NETHERRACK'
    - '{p=0.05}QUARTZ_ORE'
    - '{p=0.05}SOUL_SAND'
    - '{p=0.50}QUARTZ_ORE'
    - '{p=0.10}QUARTZ_ORE'
    - '{p=0.70}SOUL_SAND'
    - '{p=0.10}SOUL_SAND'
    - '{p=0.60}GRAVEL'
    - '{p=0.10}GRAVEL'
    - '{p=0.05}SOUL_SAND'
    - '{p=0.85}GLOWSTONE'
    - '{p=0.15}GLOWSTONE'
    wither: 0.2
    skeleton: 0.1
    blaze: 0.2

Adding A Nether World Without Islands

Setting up the Nether-World.

For the setup with Multiverse you need also the Multiverse-NetherPortals
Our dev has made a fix (spawning on top of the nether) for the nether portal function here. This version is recommended compare to the orginal (which has been accepted by the MV team in there Jenkins release).

When using Mutiverse, use the command:

  • /mv create skyworld_nether NETHER.

This will create your nether world special for the skyblock game. By default, when creating a Nether-Portal in the skyworld, the portal is looking for a netherworld called "skyworld_nether" hens the name I use. You can give the nether any name you like but then you need to "link" the skyworld to your custom named netherworld.
This can be done with the commands from Multiverse-NetherPortals plugin:

  • /mvnp link nether skyworld [your custom named world] and
  • /mvnp link nether [your custom named world] skyworld.

You need to run both commands as linking goes only 1 way (and your players like to get back to their island too). To go to the new created world use the command:

  • /mvtp skyworld_nether.

This is needed as you have to set the scale in the skyworld_nether. When in the skyworld_nether do the following command to set the scale right:

  • /mvm set scale 1.0.

The default scale is for the netherworld is 8.0 but when left it will make the return portal in mid air. (see pic below)

Restart the server after to let the scale take effect.

For some extra security you can add the following command:

  • /mvm set portalForm none skyworld_nether

- This avoids players forming portals in the nether that will go to other islands.
- It still allows creation of portals from skyworld -> skyworld_nether.
- It allows farming of obsidian (using /is h to get home).
- It allows building of portals in nether, but not activating them.

When using Multiworld, use the command:

  • /mw create skyworld_nether nether

After that you need to link the 2 worlds with:

  • /mw link skyword skyworld_nether
  • /mw link skyworld_nether skyworld

As there is limited information about this plugin I can't give you anything more then I can find. I'm not sure when linking the 2 worlds if it's 1 way or both ways. The other thing I cant find is how to set the scale from 8.0 to 1.0. As this is very important I can not recommend this option. (if anybody has this info plz message me here or at the forum).