Custom Islands

Custom Island

uSkyBlock supports custom-islands by world-edit (or mcedit) schematics.


  • Schematic must be placed in `/plugins/uSkyBlock/schematics`
  • Schematic must contain:
    • 1 (and only ONE) BEDROCK (from v2.6 bedrock isn't needed any more)
    • 1 (or more) Chests.
      • The chest should be within 15 blocks of the bedrock (only for versions before 2.6)

Creating a Schematic

  • Create an island following the above rules.
  • Use World-Edit to mark the island
    • use the wand to select the opposite 2 corners from your island
  • Copy the island using World-Edit command
    • Stand on the location you want to be the spawn on your island.
  • Save the copy as a .schematic with the WorldEdit command

Now World-Edit will have placed a schematic in your `/plugins/WorldEdit/schematics` folder.

Installing the Schematic in uSkyBlock

  • Copy the schematic to your `/plugins/uSkyBlock/schematics` folder.
  • Make sure to change the `config.yml` to name the schematic:
        # [filename] The schematic to use for island generation.
        # Put your schematic in the 'uSkyBlock/schematics' folder,
        # you don't need to add the '.schematic' part below.
        schematicName: MyIsland
  • Reload config `/usb reload`

Tada, now players should get your custom made schematic when they do `/is create`.

Controlling access to custom-islands

uSkyBlock will chose the "best-match" as an island for any player performing `/is create`.

The rules will follow this:

  • Does the player have permission `usb.schematic.<schematic-name>`?
    • Use this schematic as island
  • Does any of the schematics match the `options.island.schematicName` name?
    • Use this schematic as island
  • Is `options.island.useOldIslands` set?
    • Generate a skySMP like island
  • Else
    • Generate the default uSkyBlock island