Bug Report


Bug report

Posting an issue is for us a way to communicate with our users.
All these issue's are taken seriously and checked over and over and then tested again. Due to all different kinds of environments this is a very consuming task for us and we like to ask you to include some information to make our work a bit easier.
To assess these issue's we need the following basic information to start with:

  • server version (Craftbukkit/Spigot)
  • uSkyblock version
  • WorldEdit version
  • WorldGuard version
  • Vault
  • Multiverse-Core

To make everybodies life easier we added the ingame command /usb version and the console command usb version (from version v2.2-HF1) which will give you all the info we need to start with.
Please do not use the words "I use/got the latest version" as this aint telling us anything.

Many server owners experience the following error message ingame when using the plugin for the first time,


/island [restart/sethome/info/level/lock/unlock/top/party]

This message means that there is a depended missing or there is a wrong version from either the uSkyblock file or a depended plugin.
When you have this message, please check carefully the plugin versions you use and compare them with the given versions in the installation section.
You can also log on to our server (uskyblock.redirectme.net) and use the command /usb version to check/compare with your on versions.

When posting log files I would recommend using pastebin (it's free) to keep the forum a bit clear from long posts.