ASkyBlock & AcidIsland Nether Options

The Nether in ASkyBlock or AcidIsland

Here's the low down on the two Nethers:

There are two nether options - one is the standard nether and the other is the island nether.

Standard Nether

  • Config should have createnether to true and newnether to false. The default plugin setting is not to use this, so if you switch to it, you should delete the previous ASkyBlock_nether or AcidIsland_nether world so it can be regenerated correctly.
  • The nether world is standard Minecraft nether.
  • All players arrive at the same spawn point at an obsidian portal. You can change this point by moving the world spawn point via other plugins.
  • The area around spawn is protected from block breaking by players and damage by mobs.
  • Players can roam and find all the usual nether stuff, but the nether will gradually be depleted and will need reseting every so often.
  • There are no claims in the nether. You may want to use another plugin to provide them.
  • If a player makes a portal in the nether, lights it and goes through, they will arrive back at their island.
  • If players go through the spawn portal, they will arrive at their island.

New Nether or Island Nether (Default)

  • This is a skyblock in the Nether.
  • The default island is a square fortress-style island with random blocks, a chest and a giant mushroom. They may be some zombie pigmen on the island too. There is a mob tower away from the island that hosts a load of spawners, chests and nether-type blocks that may be useful. The ceiling of the Nether is made up of glowstone stone and netherack stalactites.
  • Players have to expand their island in the same way as the normal island and the island space is protected. However, not all game limits are in place in the Nether, for example, animals/mobs are not currently limited.
  • If players make their Nether island big enough, Ghasts may spawn naturally over it and provide a source of tears, but it is extremely difficult. It may be better to supply them via a challenge, via a mob spawner, or sell them to players.
  • If players try to grow trees in the nether, they will grow as nether trees made up of gravel and glowstone. (Option in config to switch off)

Customizing the Island Nether

  • Nether starter islands can be customized by schematics. They should be defined in the schematicsection of config.yml as partner schematics to the overworld islands and marked as not visible.
  • However, it is actually possible to allow players to start the game in the nether by defining a starter island has having a HELL biome and making it visible. The partner island then becomes the overworld island. You will need to change challenges quite a bit to enable player progression to the point of making a portal.
  • When a player starts the game, their overworld and nether island are generated at the same time.
  • The nether island that is pasted is the one in config.yml that is paired with the overworld island, so it is possible for players to have different nether islands.

Portals in the New Nether

  • Portals act differently to the other nether mode. When a player goes through a portal in the overworld island world, they will be teleported to the Nether island, but a obsidian portal will not be generated. This is to stop obsidian farming by going through portals all the time.
  • The position of the portal in the overworld maps to the teleport position in the nether. I.e., if they build a portal in the corner of their island space, they may appear on the mob tower. The teleporting should always be safe. If the player doesn't like where they are they have two options. 1) They can build out from where they are using blocks from their island 2) They can build a portal in the island nether
  • If there is a portal in the island nether, then it will link to the overworld portal. It will even allow rails and mine carts to be sent between the two.
  • If there is more than one portal, the nearest one will be linked.


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