Player Commands

A Skyblock accepts the following commands that begin with */island*, */as* or */is*.

  • /island - generates a new island, opens the GUI or teleports the player to their island, home location or the team island
  • /island help - shows help text
  • /island go - teleport to your island
  • /island go <number> - teleport to a numbered island home (use /sethome <number> to set)
  • /island biomes - open the biomes GUI
  • /island cp or control panel - shows a GUI with useful commands so players do not have to type
  • /island expel - Removes a visitor from your island
  • /island reset or restart - restarts an island. There is a cool down timer and a max limit on this so that players do not abuse it
  • /island lang - allows player to chose their UI language
  • /island level - ranks the island
  • /island level <player> - shows the island rank for another player
  • /island lock - locks an island so none can enter or teleport into
  • /island ms or minishop - Opens the mini-shop where players can buy stuff. Disabled if there is no economy
  • /island top - shows the Top 10 islands by rank
  • /island minishop or ms - displays a shop GUI with different items - admins can customize the contents and prices
  • /island settings - lists the game settings in a read-only panel
  • /island sethome - sets your island home
  • /island sethome <number> - sets a numbered home point, up to the max the server allows
  • /island spawn - teleport to the island-world spawn, if it exists (set via admin command setspawn)
  • /island warps - Lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
  • /island warp <name> - warps to a Welcome Warp Sign. The full name does not have to by typed in (just the first few letters)

Team-related Commands

  • /island invite - Invite a player to join your team. You can only invite one person at a time.
  • /island accept or reject - Accepts or rejects an invite. If a player has an island already and accepts, the island will be deleted.
  • /island team - lists info on the team
  • /island leave - leave the team - returns to spawn
  • /island kick or remove <name> - only available for the island owner or leader - removes a team member. If the player is online, all their inventory will drop and they will be sent to spawn. If they are offline, they will get a message when they log in that they have been kicked.
  • /island makeleader <name> - Transfers ownership to a team member. Can only be issued by the leader.
Coop Commands
  • /island coop <player> - Gives a player temporary full access to your island. Notifies other team members and the leader when this happens. Use it wisely.
  • /island expel <player> - Removes coop status. Also ejects player from your island.

Challenges Commands

  • /asc*, */c* or */challenge* access challenge commands
  • /challenge - Shows the GUI for challenges available to the player.
  • /challenge complete or c - attempts to complete a challenge, of just click in the GUI

Admin Commands

Access via */asadmin* command:

Console And Game Available Commands

  • /asadmin reload - reloads all the configuration files. Use this if you have edited the .yml files.
  • /asadmin delete <player> - deletes a player's island. 100% permanent, no undo - *warning*
  • /asadmin completechallenge <player> <challengename> - completes an individual challenge for a player
  • /asadmin resetchallenge <player> <challengename> - resets a challenge for a player
  • /asadmin resetallchallenges <player> - clears all challenges for a player
  • /asadmin purge [TimeInDays] - *warning* very dangerous command. Will remove all old/unused islands where the player has not logged in for X number of days. Strongly recommend you back up the world first and run when no players are online.
  • /asadmin info <player> - Displays info on a player and their island
  • /asadmin info challenges <player> - Displays player challenge completion status.
  • /asadmin topten - Generates the top ten list if it does not exist - this runs through all player files and finds out the island levels from them. It will not recalculate island levels - this command should never need to be run.
  • /asadmin unregister <player> - Removes a player from an island without deleting the island blocks
  • /asadmin clearreset <player> - Clears the reset limit for a player
  • /asadmin setbiome <leader> <biome> - Sets leader's island biome.
  • /asadmin setrange <leader> <range> - Sets the protection range of the leader's island up to a maximum of the island distance.

Team Editing Commands

  • /asadmin team kick <player> - Removes player from any team.
  • /asadmin team add <player> <leader> - Adds player to the leader's team.

Game-only command

  • /asadmin register <player> - Registers the closest island to <player>. To use, go to an island and execute the command. You should never need this command.
  • /asadmin setspawn - Sets the spawn point for the world. The spawn area has special rules and protections.
  • /asadmin tp <player> - Teleport to a player's island
  • /asadmin register <player> - Registers the player to the island you are standing on.
  • /asadmin unregister - Removes any player registration for the island you are standing on.
  • /asadmin deleteisland confirm - Deletes the island you are standing on. Note that you must type the full command.
  • /asadmin info - Provides info on the island that you are standing on.
  • /asadmin setrange - Sets the range of the island you are on. If the area is spawn, the range can be greater than the island range.


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