This page explains the use of "objects." An object is simply some entity which reacts to a trigger (such as its own destruction) and produces some action (such as dropping an item). For a detailed list of available triggers and actions, see the Parameters page. For syntax tips, see the Drop file page.

Valid Objects

The following table shows which entities can be used as objects (and with which "action:" values). Objects can be specified with embedded data values.

Most blocksYesYesYesNo
AIR blockNoNo 3No 3No
LEAVES blockYes 1YesYesYes
Water, Lava blocksNoNoNoNo
Most itemsNoNoNoNo
Vehicle itemsYesYesYesNo
PAINTING itemYesYesYesNo
CreaturesYes 2YesYesNo

1 This only applies when the leaf is broken through means other than natural leaf decay.
2 This applies when the creature is killed.
3 This feature is planned for a future release.

The meaning of the "tools:" parameter changes depending on the action used; see Tools for more info.

Special Values

Use to indicate the drop parameters apply to every possible entity (!).
Use to control what all players drop on death (generally in addition to their inventory; see Drops).
[email protected]<name>
Applies to a particular player only.
[email protected]<groupname>
Applies to all players in a particular permissions group.
Use to indicate all blocks except the ones specified. eg:
    - drop: DIAMOND

Multiple Objects

Presently, it isn't possible to specify multiple objects in brackets (as can be done with tools and drops); each object must be specified separately or within an appropriate group synonym. To streamline your drop file, however, you may consider using aliases and/or drop groups.