2.8-beta features

This page will document the new features in the 2.8-beta series. Once 2.8 is fully released this documentation will be integrated with the main docs.

Permissions & Commands

  • New Command /odd <item/mob> - Spawns item/mob with specified data (or /od drop)
    • Permission - otherdrops.admin.drop
    • Could also be useful for Command Blocks (not yet supported).
    • Example: "/odd [email protected]!damage_all#1MySword" or "/odd [email protected]/2"
    • Entity name matches by shortest unique name if starting with ; (mostly for /odd command) - eg. /odd ;z = spawn zombie
  • New Feature /od id - now shows lorename (including full color codes) of item in hand
  • New Command /od id mob - View details of mob you're looking at.
    • Permission - otherdrops.admin.id


  • Add new trigger - trigger: MOBSPAWN (will run the drop-section if this mob spawns).
    • "CUSTOM" spawns are disabled unless explicity enabled in the config - this is to avoid infinite loops (eg. zombie spawns zombie spawns zombie, etc).
  #  Replace all zombie spawns with blazes in desert biomes.
    -  action:  MOBSPAWN
       drop: blaze
       biome:  desert

  • HIT
  #  Make snowballs do damage to mobs and slow them.
        - trigger: HIT
          tool: PROJECTILE_SNOW_BALL
          potioneffect.victim: [email protected]@1
          damage.victim: 2

  • ITEM_CONSUME (eating, drinking)
  #  Make carrots give you night vision when you eat them.
        - trigger: CONSUME_ITEM
          tool: CARROT
          potioneffect: [email protected]@1
          consumetool: 1
          drop: DENY

  • POWER_UP/POWER_DOWN (redstone power)
  #  Make lightning strike when a diamond block receives power.
        - trigger: POWER_UP
          event: [email protected]

  #  Run a command when a specific player joins the server.
    [email protected]:
        - trigger: PLAYER_JOIN
          command: /!*broadcast The developer of OtherDrops has joined the server!

  #  Apply a potion effect when a player respawns.
        - trigger: PLAYER_RESPAWN
          potioneffect: [email protected]@2

  1. Warning: This trigger has not been thuroughly tested and may have performance issues if it is overused.
  #  Turn sandstone into roads that increase movement speed for users with a specific permission.
        - trigger: PLAYERMOVE
          potioneffect.attacker: [email protected]@4
          permission: player.use.road

  #  Placing Mycelium may release poisonous spores.
        - trigger: BLOCK_PLACE
          tool: MYCELIUM
          potioneffect.attacker: [email protected]@1
          chance: 20

  #  Give wheat a chance to drop seeds when it grows
        - trigger: BLOCKGROW
          drop: SEEDS
          chance: 25

  #  Turn snow balls into grenades.
        - trigger: PROJECTILE_HIT_BLOCK
          tool: PROJECTILE_SNOW_BALL
          event: [email protected]


  • Add: basic player-action (pset.hunger, pset.xp, pset.speed, pset.exhaustion)
  # Adds to or subtracts from the defined value.
  # Be careful using pset.speed, make sure there is always a way for players to reset their speed.
  # pset.speed is used to add or subtract from the players base speed amount.
  # pset.hunger is used to add or subtract from a players hunger amount(This cannot go above 20 or below 0)
  # pset.xp is used to add or subtract from a players experience. Useful for rewarding exp but not wanting it to drop as orbs.
  # pset.exhaustion is used to add or subtract from a players saturation. (hidden food value)
        - trigger: ITEM_CONSUME
          tool: RAW_FISH
          pset.hunger: +5

  • Add: money action - replaces drop: [email protected]/5 etc. Now money: 5, -5, 5%, -5% etc. Supports money.victim, money.steal, etc. (per * other actions, money.world, money.server & money.radius all supported if you need them).
        - trigger: PLAYER_RESPAWN
          money: -1%
          message: &cYou lost some money when you died!

  • Add: cooldown condition eg. "cooldown: click.%[email protected]" gives a cooldown for the player (%p) that lasts 5 seconds (default CD is 2 seconds)
  # Cooldown is unique to the player.
  # This example makes it so a dragon that hits a player will also hit them with lightning every 10 seconds(only if it comes in contact though)
        - trigger: HIT
          tool: [email protected]
          damage.radius: [[email protected]]
          cooldown: hit.%[email protected]
          message.victim: "&cThe dragon fires a bolt of lightning at you!"

  • Add sound parameter!
    • sound: <sound_name>/1v/1p (v is volume, p is pitch, both are optional & default to 1)
      • Supports all current and future official Bukkit sound values.
      • Pitch is a decimal value anywhere between 0 (lowest) to 2 (highest pitch) with 1 being normal pitch (eg. 0.2, 0.75, 1.375, etc).
      • Volume is also a decimal value however I'm not sure of the range (one might assume the same as pitch, 0 being lowest, 1 normal and 2 possibly the highest volume).
  • Add "spawnedby" condition (eg. spawnedby: [NATURAL, CUSTOM, SPAWNEGG, -OTHERDROPS])
    • Mobs spawned by a plugin are "CUSTOM" unless they support OtherDrops (eg. setMetaData("CreatureSpawnedBy", new FixedMetadataValue(plugin, "<reason>");)
  • Add "damage.attacker/victim/server/world/radius" with normal damage + FIRE & LIGHTNING, eg. damage.victim: [FIRE, LIGHTNING]
    • Negative damage accepted to Heal entities.
  • Extend potioneffect - now potioneffect.attacker/victim/server/world/radius
    • potioneffect.drop (applies to dropped LivingEntities - eg. any mob)
  • Passengers for mobs - eg. drop: cow^[email protected]^bat (cow riding a red sheep riding a bat).

Data Values

  • Note that if a drop with a colon ":" is used in a list (inside brackets, eg. drop: [wool:red]) it must be surrounded by quotes, ie. drop: ["wool:red", "wool:green"].

    Current Syntax:
'@' or ':'Initial data separator (eg. [email protected] zombie:baby)
'!!'Additional data separator (eg. [email protected]!!villager)
'h' or 'H'Health data indicator (eg. [email protected])
'eq:slot:item'Equipment data (always drops equipment)(eg. [email protected]:hands:stonesword)
'eq:slot:item%dropchance'Chance to drop equipment (eg. [email protected]:hands:diamondsword%1)
Slots: head, hands, chest, legs, feet
'!'Enchantment data indicator (eg. [email protected]#10)
'#'Enchantment level indicator (eg. [email protected]#5)
'!~'Lorename data indicator (no enchantments) (eg. [email protected]!~Super Shovel)
'~'Lorename data indicator (with enchantments) (eg. [email protected]!thorns#1~Thorny Shirt)
'@'Also for potion effects parameter (eg. potioneffect.victim: [email protected]@2)
  • All mobs use same data separator for multiple data values(currently "!!")
  • Support for ":" as first data separator instead of "@"
    • This is an additional separator for user friendliness. The "@" still works the same.
  • All mobs support maxhealth and equipment
    • eg: [email protected]!!eq:head:diamondhelmet%0.5!!50h
    • eg: [email protected]!!baby!!eq:hands:ironsword%0!!eq:chest:chainmailchestplate%2
      • "eq:" might be removed as requirement for assigning equipment<</color>>
  • All ageables have "baby/adult" data
  • Zombies & Zombie Pigman
  • Add collar color to wolf data
  • Leather armor color support
  • Slime and Magmacube allows @TINY/SMALL/BIG/HUGE & numerical (for larger than huge) (note: [email protected] is terrifying! So big it jumps above the clouds)


  • Any creature-related info from Data Values will be on the Creatures page as well.
  • Spawned mobs now centered on block instead of spawning in the corner.
  • Aliases:


  • Enchantments level now an IntRange and works in tool: condition. (eg. tool: [email protected]!DAMAGE_ALL#3-6)
  • Allow random enchantment -
  • Multiple Enchantments now separated with ! instead of , (eg. drop: [email protected]!DAMAGE_ALL#2!KNOCKBACK#1)

Entity List


  • drop: [email protected]/10 (player will lose 10% of their money. Note: do not use a % at the end or it will think that's the chance of the drop)
  • drop: NOTHING (now cancels entity equipment drops)
  • fix action: LEAF_DECAY drop: NOTHING


  • When using POTION or any type of food along with the consumetool parameter you must include drop: DENY otherwise the last item will not be consumed.
  • Allow tools as Data ID (eg. 'tool: 276' = diamond sword)


  • Add "enchantments_ignore_level" and "enchantments_use_unsafe" config options

Supported Plugins

  • Most plugins are compatible by default, this list is for plugins with specific compatibility built into OtherDrops.
    • Support for CoreProtect (when breaking blocks with a OtherDrops replaced drop)
    • Support for LogBlock/BigBrother/Hawkeye
    • Support for RegenBlock
    • Support for Heroes conditions (heroes.class & heroes.level)


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