Getting Started (tutorials)


  • Basic Examples: Some basic examples of how to use Otherdrops.
    • Plugin Examples: Some examples of how to use OtherDrops in conjunction with other commonly used plugins.

Advanced Tutorials

  • Using separate files
  • Writing a drop file: further information on how to write your own drop file or customize existing modules
  • Aliases: how to define aliases which can be reused throughout a drop file
  • Drop Groups: how to group parameters for more complicated drop scenarios
  • SpoutMaterials: how to configure drops for SpoutMaterials (now known as MoreMaterials)

Reference Pages

  • Parameters: how you specify what an object should drop (also when and how it should drop)
  • Objects: the things that can drop other things
  • Drops: the things that drop
  • Tools: things that can be used as tools, if you want tool-specific drops
  • Enchantments: can be used on items (both as a condition and a drop)
  • Entity List: list of all entities which can be used as objects, drops, or tools
    • Creatures: another type of entity, documented separately
  • Data Values: specify an entity's color, material, or other property (available data values depend on the entity type)
  • Permissions & Commands: permission nodes and commands
  • API: how other plugins can tie in with OtherDrops (not yet implemented)

Offical Bukkit names

Other Documents


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